Grade 6

My Goals:

Organized: I was kind of organized at the start of the year by doing things like putting a fridge magnet to my locker and keeping my schedule on it. But I wasn’t organized enough that I could go to each class room without going to my locker to get my stuff for that class. Now I bring my bag with all my subjects in it and thats one of the ways that I became more organized.

Better hand writing: I was not that good at hand writing and I can`t really say that I have improved but I have been better than what I was before.  For example people couldn’t really read my hand writing but now its a bit more readable. It helped me a lot this year because my marks went up.

Better Grammar: At the beginning of the year I had very bad grammar but during the year I managed to improv with all the projects and lessons we did. I used to accidentally forget to put capitals but I managed to remember throughout all the english lessons. I all ways kept my full stops going so that was good. This helped me with my english grades mostly but all my grades were also improved.

There are a few pieces of work that I’m impressed of so I’m going to start of with art. Art is a subject that I like and always have. One art piece that I like is the over and over painting which is where I designed a pattern then I carved it out then painted over it and stamped it onto paper. I decided to go beach theme because for some of my life I have lived in for a long time. This is my design.

Also in drama I am very happy for my LAMDA exam because I got the highest score out of sixth grade. LAMDA is a test that we do every year in our school for drama. We have to prepare a speech and choose three topics to talk about. I choose cooking, Canada, and soccer. I made a speech about someone I know so that I could talk about him/her with confidence. The skill I learnt about speaking that you have to practice a lot for the speech to  come out just how want to. Also even if you think that you are not going to need practice its good to do so.

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  1. Hi there Garry,

    Great post you have there. It’s good that you will have a school life diary blog site. I stumbled upon your website and I noticed that pretty awesome template you have there! I bet your using wordpress application or am I wrong? If it is a wordpress application that you use i really would like to ask what template your using? I really like the snow flakes background 🙂

    Hope you have more updates in your blog site!



  2. I agree that red and navy can look a little God Bless America! , (especially with the white wendidg dress), but what if you combined the 3 colours and use the red and turquoise or aqua with accents of navy? a0It might help combine what the bride wants with a little more depth and class.

  3. Harry, What a great learning tool. I am sure you are enjoying learning with technology much more than the traditional way. You should thank your teacher for helping you have this experience.

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