The medium is the message

A lot of the times when we are looking at information on different medium, they give out different messages and moods. In our grade 10 English class we analysed different medium to see the different messages they convey. We had a media fair and each person made a poster on a topic of their choice and analysed different medium and showcased it in a poster.

I looked at three different people’s posters.

First one I looked at was about chicken nuggets by Yusa. She chose an advertisement, photo, article, video and a poster. The photo was subversive in a way which made a large impact on the audience. This was done by showing when mcDonalds make their chicken nuggets, they use the whole chicken. Most of these medium showed chicken nuggets as something negative. Although this advertisement was saying that even though children don’t like a lot of things, they will always like chicken nuggets. When I saw this advertisement, I wondered if this was a good way to promote their product. This is because chicken nuggets are considered unhealthy and using children to promote the brand is not very effective because it makes the audience think is this the right way to advertise a product. Children should eat a lot of healthy food and eat in a balanced manner especially because they are all still growing. Although making these children deny all the other healthy food and eat the chicken nuggets in the advertisement shows mcDonalds as a negative company that doesn’t care much about the customer’s health.

Yusa's Chicken Nugget Poster


The second poster I looked at was Nana’s. Her poster was on sweatshops and the medium she chose were photo, video, poster, article and a PSA. All the medium she chose showed sweatshops as a negative thing. Although some medium came across stronger to the audience than the others. We discussed about how it is more powerful to have one type of medium rather than a combination of couple. For example there was a picture of a boy crying in a very bad condition of a sweatshop. Since it was just a photo without explanation, it allowed the audience to think about the boy what kinds of things the boy in the picture is going through. It is obvious that he is going through a lot of pain which is expressed through his tears but it made me think about other factors such as what kind of conditions he is in or why anyone should need to go through with an experience like this which made the picture send a strong and clear message. Also, there was a video where they only used texts to convey a message. Since there were no other things but the text to interpret, the message was very clear. Through a discussion with Nana, I thought that focusing on one medium to convey the message is a lot more powerful than a combination of different medium.

Nana's Sweatshop Poster

The last poster I looked at was Reece’s. His topic was on running and the medium he chose were video, article, photo, cartoon and a film trailer. A lot of the medium he chose were showing how running is a good thing and they were persuading the audience to run as well. Although this cartoon looked at running as a negative thing with a humor. It was interesting to see how the cartoonist showed running as a negative thing because usually running can be associated as a positive thing since it keeps you healthy. The documentary was also interesting because it focuses on women with children that wants to run for the Olympics and it shows empowerment of women. This made me think how running can show women’s power. It was a very powerful documentary and had to clearest message to me.

Reece's Running Poster

Through this media fair I have learned that different medium can have a different message and when we are looking at a medium we should think about how the medium affects its message.

I&S The Other Side Of The Brazil World Cup

In my grade 10 I&S class, I watched a documentary about the World Cup in Brazil.

The FIFA was decided to be hosted in Brazil but in order to do this they needed to spend a lot of money on the stadium, security and more. This world cup was known to be the most expensive one in the history of world cup. The citizens are protesting because they are not getting their basic needs such as health and education but instead the government is spending a lot of money on the world cup and the military forces. The police and other military forces are using violence against citizens which is making the protests more and more violent.

Design Summary of the Criteria

Criterion A: Inquiring and Analyzing

Identify the problem and create a research plan. Also look at similar products to your solution and analyse them. Lastly after all these steps, create a design brief.


Criterion B: Developing Ideas

Develop a design specification based on the research you did, create different ideas for the solution and have a detailed explanation on them. Present each idea and choose the best one based on the design specification. Create a detailed drawings or diagrams of the final product.


Criterion C: Creating the Solution

Create a detailed plan, list out the resources and a time table. You need to show great technical skills while deciding or creating the solution and follow the plan. If you make any changes to the plan explain why.


Criterion D: Evaluating

Design a product test and evaluate the success of the product. Explain the improvements that could be made and the impact of the product.


Struggle I might face

I am not very good with technology so my biggest concern this year is creating since I am very good at investigating or planning. Although, sometimes I spend too much time on researching something that I don’t necessarily use during the process. This year I would like to think about what kind of information is useful and research only those parts. I need to learn how to manage my time because last year I had to create my product at the last minute because I spent too much time on planning and research.


Physical And Sensory Deprivation

What if one day you lost all of your senses? How would you feel not being able to experience the joy of seeing, hearing, tasting and feeling?

In my grade 10 English class we had a discussion about what it would feel like if all of our senses were taken away. To experience this we did a little experiment. The experiment was to lie in a pitch black room, block out sounds with ear plugs, make sure there are no strong smells in the room and trying not to move for twenty minutes. I am going to be recording the experience that I had.

In the first couple minutes my body was very relaxed and my breathing was calm. I tried not to think about anything so my mind stayed very peaceful. At this point I was glad I did this experiment because I usually am too busy to take my mind off of things and really focus on my mind and body. After a while I was starting to get bored and got conscious of  the time. I had the urge to check my phone and had to stop myself a couple of times. In my head I started counting to try and see how much time had gone by. Since I figured it still hasn’t even been 10 minutes, I tried hard to think about things that I would not usually think about. For example, I was reflecting on what I did recently. I first started off thinking about all the positive things I did or accomplished. I was happy, relaxed and mostly proud of myself for the accomplishments I had made. Although when I started to run out of all the good things I had done, I started focusing on the negative parts. For example about the fact that I had an argument with my friend. When I was thinking about all the negatives, I was regretful, sad and it made me feel angry at myself. Although I had realised that there was nothing I could change since I cannot go back and fix things. This is why I started identifying what the problem was and how I can improve the next time to make the experience positive instead of negative. This helped me brainstorm about the types of problems I tend to cause and solutions to the problems. Since I ran out of things to think about I felt anxious for this experiment to be over. Like before I started counting  in my head and at this point it was very hard to stop myself from moving my body. Even though I didn’t do a big movement, I moved my feet and hands a lot. I knew that this is not what I was supposed to do for the experiment but I was so stiff I could not help it. Finally the alarm went off and I was very glad that it was over since towards the end I had a lot of negative thoughts that I wanted to escape from. I was also very excited and thankful that I was able to move my body, see, smell, hear and touch things.

After experiencing losing five senses for twenty minutes it made me think about different situations. For example what if you were born without the five senses. Would it feel different from someone who had all their senses taken suddenly? Could there be a sixth sense? Would I try hard to communicate with the outside world? I still have a lot of different questions. What do you think you would do or how you would feel in this situation? Feel free to leave a comment.


Technology Educational Game

In my grade 9 technology class we are learning how to create a game using scratch. In this blog post I am going to be looking for an educational game as an example to help me get some ideas on the final game that I am going to be creating.

Math Addition Scratch

In this game there are three small fish and one big fish. You drag the big fish to catch the fish and the addition questions come up. If you get it right the big fish will eat the small fish. One fish is one point and you try to collect as much points as possible.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.29.04 PMI think that this is a great game for the younger kids. Firstly, it is easy to understand. When I started playing the game I didn’t need any instructions to be able to play. So it wasn’t like mine craft where you needed a lot of knowledge about the game but more like flappy birds. Secondly, the colors are probably appealing to the kids. It is very colorful and everything is cartoon like. It would make them feel more fun playing this game rather than doing some worksheets. I think this game would be a great alternative when the kids get bored. Thirdly, it keeps track pif the score on the left hand corner. You can always see the score very easily. I think that this is very important as a lot of younger kids gets competitive. This would be a great opportunity for them to play in a group so they all can improve on their adding skills.

Although it is a great game there could be some changes made to it to improve more. Firstly, I think it would be better if it had some sort of music or sour to it. I think that music is a big part go the game. For example, if Super Mario Brothers didn’t have any music, it would get very boring. With adding just a simple sound when you get the problem right or when you get it wrong some kids would get more into the game. Secondly, the questions are very simple and it doesn’t have any advanced version. I think that in some point the kids would need a more advanced adding problems as it wouldn’t improve their skills. Lastly, there is a simple instruction on the top incase you forget or don’t know hoe to play the game. Although, the kids that will be playing the game might not be able to read that much. I think it would be great if they added a instruction at the beginning by recording their own voice and uploading it on scratch.

So overall there could be some changes made to the game but it is a very successful piece that is very appropriate for the kids.

Spelling Game Scratch

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 4.58.49 AMThe second game is a spelling game. There is a little star on the screen and if you click on it start the game. Right after you press the star there will be a word thrown at you by a voice record. You spell the word at the bottom box. If you didn’t get the word you can hear it again by clicking on the the voice picture.

I think this game is very appropriate for the kids to play in class. I think there are some great ideas I can take away from it. Firstly, like I said in the first game it is very simple. It has some little speech bubbles with the instructions in very simple English so even a preschoolers will be able to read and follow along. Secondly, with the voice record of words there is a impel picture that comes with it so even if you didn’t get the word you can look at the picture. Lastly, how it keeps track of the score is very helpful. It marks how many you got wrong and which word you got wrong so that the kids can learn from their mistakes.

This is also a great game but it could be improved. Firstly, as I said in the previous game I think that a little music would motivate the kids more. For example, you can add a music throughout the game but when the voice record of the words are playing the music can quiet down. Secondly, I think that the layout kind of looks messy and confusing a bit. There are too many speech bubbles, things you have to click on but not that much color to it. If the game changes these point I think it will be a great game.

Math Game

This game is another simple math game. The question will come up and there’s always four choices. The choices will appear on an apple and Mario has to get the apple with the right answer in order to score a point.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.15.09 AM I think that it is a not as good as the other two but the basic idea to it is good. Firstly, it is very creative. The creator took inspiration from the game Super Mario Brothers and made it into a new educational game. I love the idea of Mario needing to get the apple to score appoint. Secondly, it is ver appealing and make you wanna play. This game is very colorful and I wanted to start to play because it was like Super Mario Brothers. Thirdly, the problems some times gets harder which is great as some kids might want a harder lever and capable of solving those problems.

I think that this game has some points that it should improve on. Firstly, the instructions are very complicated and it is on the side. This means that it is not actually on the game so the creator had to explain it on the side. Although, the explanation is too complicated of the kids so he should maybe use some speech bubbles and some simple words. Secondly, I think it would have been more creative if he didn’t copy the background and the characters from the Mario Brothers.


I think that these three games would be great with some improvements to it. I got a lot of ideas from it and so it was very helpful. Thank you for reading the post


GAP Sweatshop

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 6.06.18 PM Recently Gap has been caught for treating the workers poorlu. They have been forcing the workers to work over time without paying much. Some of the workers make 30 cents per hour. This is way below the minimum wage, and not legal. The working condition is horrible. One of the worker Tabello said “My family is ill because it is very dusty in the factory.” It is a hard condition to be working in and they don’t get enough breaks. Also, they don’t have a proper child care service so they have to stay in a small room waiting for their parents.  As you can see in the picture there are a lot of workers who gets paid very little and forced to work for long hours in bad condition.

There was recent news about a sweatshop building in Bangladesh collapsed. The building was very old and there were too many workers staying there so the building could not hold the weight. This was a factory that made Gap and Old Navy clothes. This killed about 1,100 workers and 2,5oo workers were injured. On top of working in a bad condition they had to live in a building that couldn’t even hold everyone. Some of the pregnant workers mentioned that even when they were/are pregnant they were forced to work over time.

Even though the corporate social responsibility is taking responsibility of the customers, workers and the environment but some of the companies are not following this principal. I think that it is horrible to think that some people have no choice to work in this environment. I think that all  companies should provide a safe environment to work in and pay at least the legal minimum wage. By improving a safe environment and paying the legal wage the workers will be motivated. Also, the company will get a better reputation and the sales could improve.

Thank you for reading. I would like to send a letter to gap as part of this project so share your opinion on the issue by commenting.

Unit 3 Story Has Its Shape Reflection

In my grade 9 English class the unit was “story has it’s shape”. This was the unit question. What is the relationship between the content of a text and the form it is presented in? This is the answer to the question and a reflection.

We looked at how form sometimes change the meaning. For example, if you bought a dvd for a person and put it in a small plastic bag it would be a gift without an occasion. Although, if you put it in a festive rapper it shows that it is a gift an important occasion. Also, if you change the rapper to a heart shaped box it will probably mean it is for a lover. As you can see even though the actually gift is the same by changing the shape it changes the meaning. If this was text it also changes the meaning or the purpose. We looked at two different types of poems which were sonnets and villanelle. The villanelle repeats the main theme over and over again so that the message really gets to the reader. For sonnets there is the volta which is where the big twists happen. The change is so dramatic that it is easy for the readers to understand the message. Mostly the message is after the volta. Also, if you compare story and a timeline it has a different affect on people. If it is just a timeline with different events on it the readers will not have any emotions and it is just a boring facts to them. When you write it in a story form the readers starts to have some emotional attachment to it. As you can see it is the same content but it has different meaning and purpose to it. After I learned all of this I want to know how different types of genre of music change the meaning of the song. So overall I learned that it is important to pick what kind of form I am going to use carefully.


The hour of code project

Today in grade 9 math class I used scratch to create a holiday card. I added a snow men and a text that says “merry christmas” which I made them move using the coding system. I had some difficulties on creating this card. Although, the end I made the snowmen, the text and a start move. I also added some suitable music. I thought that this was a fun way to start practicing how to use the coding system. I have used scratch before so after using it for a few minutes I got used to it and I was able to do a lot of things. So overall I think this was a interesting task and I am very excited for the technology unit we are going to be doing next semester.

Reflection on the Unit Question English

In my grade 9 English class I read the book animal farm and we had a unit question. It was “How important is language in the use and abuse of power?” The activities we did to understand this question was writing an article and making a speech. I am going to be reflecting and answering the unit question in this blog post.

We watched a ted talk on how language effect the way people think. I think that language can be used from different perspective and when it is used by the wrong people it could be misused. For example, by using effective language a leader could convince a lot of people to be his follower and he could abuse his power. For example in the book animal farm the pigs abuse their power using language as one of their tool. Squealer is the pig who makes all the speeches. In the text it says that after listening to Squealer’s speech all the animals would be convinced. This shows how pigs are abusing the power by using language. Another way of using language to abuse power is that there are different perspective on one topic or problem and sometimes they could exaggerate or doesn’t mention the truth. This could make people believe in something that is not true.  So overall language has a lot of effect on power so people have to make sure they don’t misuse it.

In this unit I learned about persuasive speech and different ways people can abuse the power they have. When I was learned that persuading is more important then the truth when you are making a persuasive speech. To help me do that I learned a lot of different rhetorical devices such as exaggeration, appealing to higher power, repetition and more. Also, when you are making the speech use of voice and body language is very important. You can change your pitch, pace, tone, projection and volume. For body language gesture, movement and eye contacts. Some different ways of people abusing the power was by intelligence, violence and language. In animal farm the pigs are more intelligent than the other animals so they cannot argue against the pigs. This is why the pigs continue to abuse their power. One of the pig, Neapolean uses violence to scare the animals and force them to follow him.

So overall I learned a lot of things in this unit and I feel that I have better understanding on revolution. It was interesting how animal farm is a allegory of the Russian revolution. I think I gained a lot of knowledge and this was a very useful unit.