Humanities Voice Thread

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How can us human stop climate change?

I think we could change it by making some transportation ecological or the light LED but I think it won’t exactly stop so I thought nothing can stop it if people didn’t cooperate and teamwork together because if one person do it, it may change only one difference but it won’t do anything if people don’t do together.

New Unit- Climate Change

In class, the teacher choose the group and each group needs to watch different videos with different degrees. My group was 5 degrees.

The video:


The map that we made:

View Six Degrees (7C) in a larger map

My top 3 question:

Even we re-cycle it will effect the pollution as they re-new in the factory so why don’t we use something else? (Question to Climate Change)

If violence will happen then why and how we can stop? (question to the video)

Does the world gonna end? If yes then where we can go and stay there? (question to the video)

Digital Citizenship

This week, during tutor time (in the morning) our tutor shows us Digital Citizenship and every day have different topic.

Monday: Balance
Tuesday: Safety
Wednesday: Behavior
Thursday: Reflection
Friday: Possibilities

I loved the thursday’s one because of the video and the information that we didn’t know was there, the number was easy and the topic the video tells is clear. I freaked out about the idea of ‘90% of the 200 billion emails sent every day are spam’ because I didn’t expect that some of them will be spam and thought I should be carful to use my gmail. I also thought about this video is also President is involve in some part of Social Network.

This is the video:

Now, we need to answer this question:

What have you learned about Digital Citizenship this week?

I have learned what the different ideas of Technology and Social Network use will effect the world as there is thing we don’t know, I have known about the cyber bully but I thought I should be more careful of what I will post or else it will stick there forever.

Child labor project

In humanities class, we are learning about modern child labor because last project we did about industrial revolution child labor. There is three people including me in a a group and we are doing about Action and Awerness about researching and making posters about child labor because we want to spread how bad the child labor is and how the company who have child labor does to them. I am in the poster making stage but both people is doing a card making now and now I need to add some more information and make it more interesting to catch people attention. I think there is nothing difficult in our project, I think the project will not really be effective but I think it will help more then doing nothing to help the children’s.

Part II reflection about the topic

The agrument for child labor in the Industrial Revolution is about… We are in the role of person example I am a doctor and we need to research about what job that person did because the person that the teacher gave doesn’t exist then we need to make it a 3-5min speech and argue about it also explain why. I think it depends England would have industrialised as quickly without child labor because maybe some people would have protested about it and they might be some money problem.

Part I reflection about ”Child labor in industrial revolution”

Shiho and James from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

We did the debate on February 16th about ”The child labor in Industrial revolution.”
This is my speech and plan:
Plan A- Protest to the people who thinks child laber is good that to think about the childrens health example no wipping, shaving there hair, and lock up with no food and water. Insted, feed properly and punishment only to talk.
Plan B- The body function that the doctor usally see
Plan C- The idea of the foundationSpeech plan:
Plan A- I protest about the idea of the child laber because it will affect the childrens health and if they lose some of there body part then it will affect to there growth  example, if one of you lock up with no food and water then the body can’t get the protien and the growth will stop for a while. There is other thing that will affect the body which is whipping, shaving there hair, and etc… Instead, I would like to change these behavier which is the only punishment that will make the child’s feeling safer is to communicate to them.

Plan B- When I visited some child in the factory, frequently in the habit of seeing cases which is there arch has given way by the machine. When they damaged the foot’s arch of bones which is formed of a wedge-like shape and these arches have to support the whole weight of the body as the leg bones are so soft that they will bend in any direction. When they continued standing that also a very injurious effect upon the ankles then when the work finished, after long continued standing. There knees become so weak that they turn inwards, producing that deformity which is called “knock-knees” and I have sometimes seen it so striking because they actually lost twelve inches of his height. Usally it happens to a child up to twelve or thirteen years of age who works in the factories.

Plan C- I think the idea of foundation is a good idea to change this childrens health because people should know about how the chuldren is treated and how they should help the children who works hard and try to earn money for there poor parents and the adults should start to work not just looking or try not to look at the children who lost there body parts.

When I watch this video, I thought I would like to improve my specking because I speck to fast and in a low voice also I think I should head up to the audience and try to not always look at the audience. I think I wasn’t that persuasive because my tone and evidence doesn’t really show much on the video and my voice. My partner needed to ask questions but he didn’t so I thought that he should ask more question and I should bring up an argument to the other side that argument against child labor, I would like to ask. ”Which is important to you, the children’s health which will be going forward to the future or your health that you will die later on? Why? If you want child labor then why don’t you start to think about child’s health?”. These are the links that I had use for the research on ”doctors in industrial revolution…

I think my humanities teacher didn’t want us to use a book to research because we don’t get some information on there and also we don’t know if it is true if they have a page and say. ”My name is… I work as…”

Man or machine? (start of unit 3)

Sorry to post this late! I was suppose to post at January 10th… In class we talked about this unit question ‘Man or machine?’ and we need to answer which is better and why. I thought that the answer should be man because man’s are smarter then machine as the man will make them but machine can’t make man.Us people like man has feeling but robots don’t feel but just walk around when they are told.

We need to answer these question:

Define; Machine.

I think it means a piece of thing that is made from metal.

Dictionary: a mechanical apparatus or contrivance; mechanism.

List all the machines you have used in the last 24 hours.

Home computer, phone, camera, iphone, TV, refrigerator, toilet, dish washer

Is art more or less important than machines?  Explain your answer.

Art is more important than machines because machines are made from art design

Chose the top 3 machines that you couldn’t live without.  Justify your answer.

iphone, computer, and TV

List three jobs that are done by machines that used to be done by humans.

Clothe making, toy making, and farming

What do you think life would be like working in a factory in a developed nation (ex. Japan/US/UK)?

I think it will be easy because they are use to the factory making and for them it is easier to use.

What do you think life would be like working in a factory in a developing country (ex. Mexico, Indonesia, Sri Lanka)?

I think it will be hard because they are use to make those stuff by hands but if the machines came then for them, it was no use to remember the thing they made by hand. It will be hard to them to get use

What are the advantages of using machines?


 What are the disadvantages of using machines?

When Robots came and be our living life, in the future they may will be revenges us example they will kill us.

England and Hong Kong

England and hongkong

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These are the info about HongKong and British (please read along the presentation):

The British empire spread from the whole of England and also Ireland in 1171. 

The British empire wanted to colonize other countries because they want to spread their culture to other countries and also to take over the land to make the empire more stronger but the people who were colonized will have a stronger territory but the people will be weaker. They mostly want to spread there golds, christian, and send other people from other places so they can trade each other and the empire could use that particular stuff they trade. When other wants to colonize that place, the other empires will have a war.

Before European Nation arrived Hong Kong, Hong Kong was more than a rocky, sparsely inhabited island. It’s a product of western attempts to trade with China. Hong Kong was occupied by the British during the Opium War in the 1839-42. After China defeated the first Sino-Japanese War (1894-95).

The European arrived in Hong kong in 1841, the Britain took over control of the land around Hong Kong for the defense purposes, June 9 1898 the area north of the Kowloon peninsula up to the Sham Chun river and 233 islands was rented for Britain for 99 years.

The Chinese didn’t protest but Hong Kong people had protested there rule and laws. In 1839, after the Opium Wars for six weeks. Captain Charles Elliot (the British government) trade representative authorized the surrender of 20,283 chests of opium. Then the European country leave in July 1997 but the agreement signed in 1984.

The British traded with China, a Chinese Tea because the British was interested in the drinking leaf also the British was over joyed with this trade so the British told them about the religion called Christianity.

At humanities class, the teacher choose the partner the teacher thought we don’t usally work with then she choose me Me and my partner had made a person so she choose me and Akari. At class we learned about colonized and colonizer so we pick the country ‘England and Hong kong’ Hope you enjoy and learn from it!!
And last of all, we need to answer the question below.
How do historical empires still effect us today?
Well… Some countries like Hong Kong, they have japanese and English movie, the menu and food are mix culture but most of the foods are like western or japanese or chinese food. I think the empires effected some countries like food, language, religion, culture, and etc… But in my opinion, historical empires are important to us and if we didn’t have them then we may only can stay on your country and learn only your country