GCD: Management

In my junior year, I managed the Prom Committee. At first I was only involved in helping choose the theme and venue. Over time I grew a love for being a leader of a group and creating a event that the graduating grade would enjoy. When I attended the 2015 Prom, I did not have a great time and saw so many things that could have been fixed so that the graduating class would have a well deserved celebration. After my experience from the year before, I was determined to make the 2016 Prom better. I took charge in finding and contacting a live band to create the perfect set list for the night, assigning my group members on tasks in order to work efficiently, negotiating prices with the band, promoting the event all around the school by making posters and selling tickets, creating a decoration and thematic concept, negotiating with the venue and giving some students from the graduating class a opportunity to perform at their own prom. After the Prom event on May 29th, I got many compliments on how well the 2016 senior prom went. Mr. Stanworth stated that it was “The best prom YIS has ever had”. I believe my contributions helped make the event go smoothly, created a fun environment for the attendees and greatly impacted that success of the event.

Dance floor Student Performance Dance floor


Do we see the world, not as it is but as we are?

I believe in Talmud’s statement that, we do see the world as we are and in our own perspective. If we were to describe a situation to some one we would only be showing our point of view and our perception of the event. For example, an American soldier describing to his friends his experience on the field fighting the Iraqis. The American soldier would describe the experience as a sense of pride and serving his country by fighting terrorists. However, if we were to ask an Iraqi-an family that had their house bombed even though they had nothing to do with the fight, their story will obviously be very different filled with sorrow and rage. Writing this post is another example proving Talmud’s statement because I am seeing this example through my eyes even though I do not know the American or Iraqis whole story.

Design 10: Four Criteria

The four criteria for Design is Inquiring and Analysing, Developing Ideas, Creating the Solution and Evaluating. Inquiring and Analysing is to summarise the information gathered in your own words, concisely. Developing Ideas is when you plan your design and come up with some ideas. Creating the Solution is where you show your skills by generating your final product and show what changed you made. Evaluating is when you test the product and see how you can improve it. I think that the Developing Ideas Criteria is the most challenging because it is the base of everything and shapes the overall product. If the ideas are not clear and effective, the solution will not turn out very well.

What makes a good game?

The games I like to play are board games like Monopoly or short games like Jenga or Sticks. I like playing these games because they aresimple and straight forward.

Addition Game:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.42.55 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.46.30 AM

The purpose of this game is to move the fish to the number that is missing in the equation and drop it into the equation. I like this game because it is simple but still requires some thinking before making a move. To improve this game I would have added some sounds fro when you get the answer right to make the game seem more appealing.


Spelling Game:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.55.20 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 1.49.45 AM


The purpose of this game is to try and guess the word that the game said and type it out to see if you spelled it correctly. I like this game because it is a little challenging to hear exactly what it said but it was nice that some of the words a had pictures as hints. One thing I would do to improve this game is to change the background to something more simple because the one here has a little too much going on and it does not look appealing.

Matching Game:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.01.27 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.01.38 AM


The purpose of this game is to match up cards with the same image on it. I like this game because it is simple and works on my memory skills. To improve this game I would have added levels that start having more cards that the last level to make the game more challenging.


Exploring Coding

I decided to do the easiest activity since i was not experienced in coding. The task was to put together blocks of code to move a bird to the pig. It took some time for me to get a hang of the “game”. I think the idea of putting blocks of a code instead of writing it out yourself is much easier and appropriate for beginners.


Technology PSA

My first design is to bring concern to procrastination. I wanted to make a PSA about this because i think that everyone has experienced procrastination. I am going to do a PSA of a student not doing his homework and the homework is being done by it self. At the end i am going to quote, ” Work” doesn’t get done by its self.” because the student got a F on his homework, to bring awareness to do homework and not procrastinate.