7 Rules of WILD MIND (Free Writing) – Natalie Goldberg

1. Keep your hand moving.

2. Lose Control *except keep your Appropriate for school filter ON

3. Be Specific

4. Don’t think

5. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar or punctuation.

6. You are free to write the worst junk in the universe

7. Go for the jugular Go for the kill.

If you feel like you are not really saying anything and want to get deeper, try writing “What I really want to say is..” and then keep going.



It was really inconvenient where I could not think what I wanted to write, so I had to write fillers such as “um”. I couldn’t write what I wanted to, and it ended up as a story that didn’t even make sense. But actually, it was very thrilling and it was really enjoyable.

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