Script for “Global Warming Skit”

First of all, James is the son, who always wastes stuff and gives an contribution to global warming.

I, Keigo is the father of James.


James – Hey, whats up, dad! (slap)


James – I came here today with my brand new cherry red Ferrari!

Keigo – It seems like you’re the only one who has a car comparing to your friends.

James – No. My friend Yongy Pongy (Yong Won) rides a blue Lamborghini, and my best friend Masaki rides an old station wagon!

Keigo – Wish Masaki good luck for getting a better car.

James – Hey dad, so I’m going to Las Vegas to gamble today. I’m going to drive with my awesome Ferrari!

Keigo – What are you thinking! We’re in Miami! That’s going to release so much CO2 from your car! You’re sure a big contribution to the progression to Global Warming.

James – Idc… It’s my time to shine. I’m going to show off my awesome to the world.

Keigo – No, your not even awesome. You’re just an spoiled old rat. Plus, I’m the Kung-fu Panda, so I’m way popular than you.

James – OKAY, STOP. So then how do I stop being the progression to Global Warming!

Keigo – Well first of all, your friends have cars that waste a lot of gas, so carpool. It’s common sense. Which is better, a car releasing gas, or 3 cars releasing cars in the same time.

James – Only one car.

Keigo – Yes, so riding with your friends will definitely decrease the gas going up the air. Second, you are such a heavy smoker, so stop smoking.

James – No, I’m not! I only smoke 50 cigarettes a day!

Keigo – That’s a lot. Stop smoking.

James – Fine..



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