Mesocosm Investigation Week 2

Day 8

day-8-mesocosm day-8-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 18.4 degrees celsius

Humidity: 61%


– There is some condensation found

Day 9

day-9-mesocosm day-9-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 13.4 degrees celsius

Humidity: 69%


– There is less condensation in the bottle compared to yesterday

Day 10

day-10-mesocosm day-10-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 15.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 80%


– There is a little condensation in the bottle

Day 11

day-11-mesocosm day-11-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 12.2 degrees celsius

Humidity: 71%


– There is almost no condensation inside the bottle

Day 12

day-12-mesocosm day-12-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 5.0 degrees celsius

Humidity: 81%


– The weed is looking a little droopy and sick
– Very little condensation

Day 13

day-13-mesocosm day-13-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 10.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 64%


– The bottom leaves are starting to deteriorate
– Is perhaps not growing anymore
– There is some condensation found in the bottle

Day 14

day-14-mesocosm day-14-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 11.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 67%


– Starting to deteriorate even more, perhaps nearing the end of its life
– A little condensation

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