Mesocosm Investigation Week 3

Day 15

day-15-mesocosm day-15-mesocosm-close-up day-15-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 12.0 degrees celsius

Humidity: 83%


– Bottom leaves are dead
– There is a little condensation
– There are little tiny sproutlings emerging

Day 16

day-16-mesocosm day-16-mesocosm-close-up day-16-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 12.0 degrees celsius

Humidity: 64%


– The leaves at the bottom are still dead
– The small sproutlings are still there
– There is little condensation

Day 17

day-17-mesocosm day-17-mesocosm-close-up day-18-mesocosm

Temperature: 11.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 48%


– Leaves at the top of the weed are starting to die as well
– There is some condensation

Day 18

day-18-mesocosm-flash day-19-mesocosm

Temperature: 11.2 degrees celsius

Humidity: 63%


– The bottom leaves are still dead
– There is a littleĀ condensation

Day 19

day-19-mesocosm-flash day-20-mesocosm

Temperature: 13.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 81%


– The weed is slowly dying and wilting away
– There is very little condensation

Day 20

day-20-mesocosm-flash day-21-mesocosm

Temperature: 14.5 degrees celsius

Humidity: 43%


– The bottom part of the weed is dead
– There is little to no condensation

Day 21

day-21-mesocosm-close-up day-21-mesocosm-flash

Temperature: 14.0 degrees celsius

Humidity: 57%


– There is some condensation inside the bottle
–Ā Still slowly dying

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