Grade 6



I will not cross any deadlines for the home works.

Well, obviously, I did not achieve this goal because I crossed the deadline for some of the home works and sometimes I forget about the home works.

I will organize the most things I learned at school on that night.

I think I have achieved this goal because I have organized all of my notes for science on the night on the day when we have wrote them. Next year, I would put more sections in my science folder so I can separate the old notes and the new notes.

I will keep my school bag, locker, and my book bag clean.

I basically have achieved this goal but sometimes by locker were a mess when I’m stressed out about tests.



The portrait painting.

My Painting


The Water Rocket Experiment

This was a project when we had to make a water rocket in groups. This link will take you to the blog post where I’ve organized the data and put them into a report.

Project 2: Water Rocket Experiment

Click here to view.


This is a magazine we have made during the long lost civilization unit.

It will be uploaded before 7pm 6/9/2011


This is the dance we have made in the drama unit: dance. I was with Kate, Emily, and Iruka. Enjoy!

6C Final Dance Game from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

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