The Medium of The Message

How does the medium change the message? During last week, a Media Fair was held by the Grade 10 students in their English classes. The purpose of the Media Fair was to showcase our understanding of a certain topic and relate it with how medium/text types affects the message towards the topic. With the text types, students explained what the attitude/perspective towards the subject is and gave further detail about the intended audiences and features of that text type. We presented our topic and information through a poster and combined 2 English classes to have a gallery walk. Through the gallery walk we were able to take note of the presenters topic and had a chance to observe all of the information that students have gathered. I looked at 3 participants and they were Alex, Hemanth and Duncan.

Alex’s topic was on nuclear power plants and he chose his mediums as blogs, political cartoon, news, public service announcement and a poster. He focussed on the general idea about nuclear power plants and how they are perceived. He mentioned that the most effective text type in his opinion was the PSA which is the short term for public service announcement. Since the PSA is interesting to watch and fairly easy to understand, it gets the attitude and content across effectively. Another engaging idea that came up during our discussion was the pattern that the text types have in terms of how the medium similarly delivers their message. He considered that Japan had a different perspective towards the subject compared to other areas such as America or Europe. Japan had a general perspective towards the subject where it is considered to be dangerous. Here is a picture of his poster below.

11419907_907516179311528_1409030718_n (1)













Hemanth’s topic was on “Wilson” the tennis brand which he generally adressed about their method to publicise. The text types that he chose were poster, commercial, social media, news, article and a review column page. He thought that the most effective text type is the commercial. On the other hand the least effective text type in his opinion was the poster. This is because posters from Wilson focusses on a particular event which only lasts a short time. Posters do not have longevity since they only last for couple of months.  The reason behind this is because commercials can use celebrity endorsement to its fullest. A compelling aspect that he realised throughout the text types is that all text types indirectly publicise the brand without mentioning their name.

The last participant that I looked at was Duncan and his topic was on McDonalds. His text types were 2 commercials, poster/picture, movie and an article. He looked at 2 commercials that gave different perspectives which was . One commercial was addressing that McDonalds is traditional and simply good tasting. But the 2nd commercial was about McDonalds can be healthy which is contradicting the first commercial since they don’t mention McDonalds being healthy. He thought that the movie was the most effective text type since it uses evident statistics and bases off a personal experience. This makes the information to be effective and accurate. Another captivating aspect about the text types is that the anti text types towards the subject tend to be more fact-based.

Overall throughout observing the students posters I was able to witness a wide range of knowledge regarding the relation between mediums and the message. I was particularly able to gain knowledge on which types of mediums are most effective. The three participants had a similar perspective about the most effective mediums, which was how accurate and easily the information is being delivered. However, in my opinion the most powerful text type is video or film since it is highly accessible and also visually appealing to me.


Design Criteria

This year due to the MYP, design(known as technology) and all other classes have changed their criteria. A brief summary will be explained and the challenges I might face for the criterias.

Criteria A: Inquiring and Analysing

In this criteria, the main ideas are to develop a design brief and collect information with research that could be a good reference. Also you will have to find and make a solution to the products. This probably will be the challenging part, where I will have to find the solution in the begging.

Criteria B: Developing Ideas

In this criteria you will have to make a design specification and design ideas with details. Also you will have to plan with drawings/diagrams for the chosen solution. A challenge I might face is generating various ideas and selecting one at the end.

Criteria C: Creating the Solution

In this criteria you are required to make the final solution and also to develop and follow a plan. Th challenge will probably be following the exact plan.

Criteria D: Evaluating

In this criteria you have to reflect through out the stages and process, that lead to your final solution. Also adding suggestions for improvements is necessary. I dont think I will be encountering major challenges in this criteria since it is basically evaluating what you have already done. But finding areas of improvement could be a challenge since I am very general in my work.


What would your world be like if you couldn’t see, hear, smell, taste, move or feel?

If I had to live with this, I can already imagine the negative possibilities that will effect my world. Physically my body was uncomfortable and tense. At times I had the urge to start moving and quickly getting out of that state. The longer I was in that position, the worse it got. My breathing gradually started getting out of tempo, and got deeper and quicker. Mentally I was in a confused state. My thoughts were all over the place and my way of thinking was extremely different from the usual. It was confusing and at times frustrating. From the beginning to end, the experience was just uncomfortable. The fact of the sudden change from my normal night to a time of darkness, was hard to adapt.

All this emotion and experience was from a conducted experiment where we challenged ourselves without all physical and sensory abilities. In a dark silent room, lying down on a bed for 20 minutes. The purpose of this experiment is to understand the idea of a world where we couldn’t see, hear, smell, taste, move or feel. So how would your world be if you could not see, hear, smell, taste, move or feel? Personally my world would be lifeless. From only the 20 minutes  without physical and sensory abilities I already understand the possibilities of how bad it could be. You can see my thoughts of the experiment from earlier, but a 20 minutes duration and a lifetime is a complete different story. Looking at it from a bigger picture, that type of life is much deeper than just simple emotions. I consider that you will start questioning yourself about your life. “What is your purpose in life?” You are basically an object that stays there. You loose all of the human qualities and you basically stop living. Just trapped in yourself with all negative thoughts that you want to express. Who knows how bad that life would be? I believe that the negative possibilities that could happen to you is limitless.

Being Mindful

I consider that the idea of being mindful is very crucial in our life. Without being mindful, you are not using your experience, surroundings or knowledge to the fullest. These things in life will definitely benefit you in almost every aspect in life. It is equivalent to missing out the opportunities that you have, and not using time wisely. Knowledge will benefit you in life in various ways, paying attention to your surroundings will change your perspectives and experience will make you more knowledgable. Those are the things that being mindful can affect in your life.

What Makes a Good Game?

In our Technology class we are currently working on making educational games for little children. On a website called Scratch, we will be creating the games. Before making the final products of our game, it is important that we know what makes a good game. I have selected 3 educational games on Scratch that I consider is good.

1. Math Quiz Game Show

The first game I selected is called, ‘Math Quiz Game Show’. The purpose of this game is pretty self explanatory but, this is a game where you will be asked simple math questions and you will answer them. With the amount of correct answer you get, your score comes up at the end. One major reason why I chose this game is because it is simple. Complicated games for little children will not be enjoyable, so a simple game like this will catch their attention. Also the math problems have a variety so it has a decent educational cause. Although this game is simple, the function for the math equations can improve. The difficulty of the problems can change in one question which will stop the game in its rhythm. With more organised equations, the addictiveness to this game will increase.

Here is a screenshot of the introduction to the game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 12.18.01 PM

2. Math Race

Another mathematical game called, ‘Math Race’ is good. Basically, the game is a race between a dog and you move forward towards the goal by getting simple math equations correct. The dog move forward if you miss a question. I consider that this is will be perfect for little children. It has a very simple theme and has a quality of addictiveness to it. One improvement I would make is to decrease the amount of questions that are being asked. For a race it has too many questions which will make little children not interested to the game.

Here is a screenshot of the game.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.04.42 PM





Whats My Number?

The last game I chose was an very simple probability game. The games purpose is too guess what number is chosen with probability clues. Clues are very simple like, higher than 50 or lower than 20. The goal is too find the number with the least clues/steps. This is game will be very good for little children since its easy to understand and it has a simple theme too it. One improvement could be more effort on the ending. After you get the answer there is no accomplishment so more unique ideas for the ending would make this game better.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 7.17.59 PM

Overall I have learnt that simplicity and addictiveness are important things in good games. Also having a level of difficulty is crucial in good games too. Now that I have gained knowledge on how to make a good game, I am prepared to make my own.

English Unit 3 Reflection

In this unit we gained knowledge around the concept of our unit question which was, ‘What is the relationship between the content of a text and the form it is presented in’.  In general, we had 4 major tasks where we chose a particular person and created various types of writing form. The person I chose was Nelson Mandela. Firstly we started out with basic research about our person and gathered the important actions or facts about the person. The next 3 tasks were based on the facts that we collected.

Using the information, we then made a story that had a format of, Intro, Conflict, attempt to resolve conflict. This is the basic format we used in our to create our story. In my opinion this task was rather easier than the other 2 tasks since I felt comfortable which making a basic story. There werent any problems I faced since the process of making this story went smoothly because of the various facts I gathered in the research.

The next 2 tasks was poem writing. The first one we did was a villanelle. A villanelle poem is a 19 lined poem. The structure ias A1 b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2. It was rather hard for this task since I have never experienced with villanelle poems, and the hardest part was to find the rhymes. But with time I was able to find matching and meaningful rhymes. The next task was on creating a sonnet poem. We had a choice of creating a Italian sonnet or a Shakespearean sonnet. I chose the shakespearean sonnet because I felt it was easier to make. The structure of it is, ababcdcdefefgg. Along with the structure we also learned about iambic pentameter. Iambic pentameter is to use 10 syllables on each verse and also to use 5 feet beats. This is the da-DUM as unstressed(da) and stressed(DUM). It is basically the beat of your poem. I have attempted to use iambic pentameter but it was definitely the hardest part about making the sonnet. As a result I was not able to capture the iambic pentameter in my sonnet. But since it is very hard to use this, it was not mandatory to utilize this technique in our sonnets.

From this unit I did not have proper experiences with poems but after this unit I feel like I have experienced something new and improved on my writing skills. Not only poem skills I learnt, but also the task with story writing have improved my writing skills using the basic routine.







English Universal Reflection

In this unit we were set out to consider the following question, ‘How important is language in the use or abuse of power?’ All the activities and the knowledge we gained from this unit is to think about this question. We have done a wide range of assessments from speech writing to writing articles to consider this question. I think the answer to this question is that language is a powerful device that can change a perspective of a person. Before starting this unit I have already thought that language is a powerful device but throughout this unit it made me reconsider the power of language.


Like I have mentioned we have done various learning experiences. The first task was to write a new article about an event that happened in animal farm. The point of this task was to write from 2 perspectives, a humans version and an animal version. From this task we learnt the effectiveness of the change of perspective. A major learning experience that we did during this unit was reading animal farm. Most of the tasks we did was based on the knowledge of animal farm. We have also done a writing rhetorical speech. Basically this task was to choose a topic that will be able to have rhetorical speech with it. I chose the idea of not banning steroids and encouraging it. The purpose of this task was to use rhetorical devices to persuade the audience to believe in a unreal topic. From this experience I have learnt that rhetorical devices can be beneficial in persuasive writing. Not only I have learnt from my speech but also other people’s speeches. On the topic of persuasive speeches, we have also watched a TED talk by Jack Katz. He talks about the violence against women is a Men’s issue. This TED was great. He used many rhetorical devices such as ‘Appeal to Logic” and had a great speech. From all of the learning experience I learned a variety of  information. The general idea I learnt is that language is powerful.


But I think the idea of language being powerful is a general topic. There are more information about this topic and I would like to learn them. If there were more learning experiences, I would have a wider knowledge on this topic. So there are many unanswered questions. I have only briefly mentioned the information on animal farm so I would like to gain more knowledge on that. Animal farm is based on the russian revolution so maybe learning about the russian revolution might be helpful information on this topic. The power of language can be relevant to most things in life so the learning experiences I did in this unit will be helpful in the future.

English Reflection

Throughout the unit the general idea that I have learned is that stories are able to change our culture and social values. Over time, the society has changed a lot and the stories that were made in the past can represent the values that were present at that time.

“To poison a nation, poison its stories. A demoralised nation tells demoralised stories to itself.”- Ben Okri

This quote from Ben Okri explains the knowledge we have gained during this unit. The quote is saying that stories are effective and that no matter what happens to the nation, stories will be on what happened. Another meaning could be that stories are powerful that they are not be able to get rid of no matter when it is. From the unit, I have an example. Women characters in old stories were shown weak and powerless but in the present time it has changed. Women are more independent and that is noticeable in our present time.


Technology Design Selection

Out of the three design I created my final design I choose was the second one. I have choose this design in many aspects but the main reason why I choose this design is because it meets my design specifications.

Here is my design specifications:

In my product it should have good time length(30sec-1min), creativity, good quality, does it look professional. I could should also make sure that audiences get the message and make a good impression of the PSA. But I think making sure if the resolution is shown is the most important part. If the Solution is not understood by the audience the point of this PSA is nothing.

I choose my second design since it meets most of my design specification. I think the second design is generally  interesting. It will be effective and straight to the point. I also think this design has an interesting perspective of bullying and a good time length. It will catch attention and be worth watching.