The medium is the message – reflection

Do you think different mediums show various perspectives?

On June 4th 2015, there was a mini exhibition, it was an exhibition which showed the many perspectives a topic can convey through using different medias on a poster. The medium is the message defines how the information is presented can influence how people interpret it. I looked at three different posters, firearms, Esports and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


The topic Firearms was the first poster I looked at that was made by Kai. He had several different text types such as video, screenshot of a poster targeted specifically to Americans, quotes, debates and a commercial. He explained how different text types convey two different perspectives and meanings to the whole idea of firearms. He explained how many people in the USA consider having firearms for protection, however in the commercial he had, they’ve found out that owning firearms can increase the chance of homocide and suicide.



Esports poster was created by Haakon, he explained about the growth in Esports. He showed his arguments by having an article, interview, wiki answers, talk show and a set of graphs to represent the growth. I could tell that Esports is growing throughout the world, as there are many more games being invented today. However, in one of the articles he had, it expressed how many people don’t consider Esports as a sport. However, for people who do play consider them as a sport because in many of the video games, hand eye coordination is very needed and important. Which in some cases considered as a physical workout. For instance, archery is considered a sports and that sport consists only of hand eye coordination, so the argument is left to why is Esport not considered a sport? Many others disagree because they believe that the definition of sports is when you’re physically moving and also mentally working. The different medias such as news article, video and talk show described different views.


2020 Tokyo Olympis

2020 Olympic poster was created by Shin, and on the poster he explained how there are some text types that is opposing to the idea of Tokyo hosting the olympics and there are the others who are supporting the idea. Video, interview, and presentation text types are supporting to the idea of how the Olympics are going to be held at Tokyo. However, in the article, it is expressed how the olympics should be held at Madrid because then there will be more job opportunities for the locals as the unemployment rate is still at 26%, in spite of the GDP growth. This is also an example on how different mediums deliver various messages.


Overall, throughout this exhibition I was able to learn that even on a specific topic, there are many different opinions that is conveyed through the different material types. Has your way of interpreting information changed after knowing that individual media reflects different opinion and meaning?

Español – Homework

Hola, me llamo Yuu Yasunaga. Tengo quince años.

Soy de Japón, Tokyo.

Vivo en Tokyo, Japón.

A mí me gusta jugar al fútbol, leer un libro, dibujar, y pasar un rato con los amigos pero no me gusta estudiar y hacer la tarea.

A mí me gusta beber el refresco. También me gusta el agua y el jugo pero no me gusta agua con gas.

A mi me gusta comer la galleta, la fruta, el helado, las papas fritas, la pizza, y comida mexicana pero no me gusta la comida japonesa.

Antes de las clases me gusta descansar.

Después me gusta pasar un rato con los amigos.

Los Sábados me gusta correr por la mañana. También me gusta pasar un rato con los amigos.

Los domingos me gusta descansar.