My Favorite Tutorial: How To Draw A Cartoon Car.

Out of the videos i look at in my tutorial research I would pick how to draw a cartoon car because she spoke very clearly and her voice was easy to understand and the steps are very simple. If she hadn’t spoke clearly you wouldn’t be able to understand each step and your drawing would look weird. Also if the steps were to complicated it would be really hard to get it right so it is good if the steps are nice and simple.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Tutorial: How To Draw A Cartoon Car.

  1. Hi Peter,

    I would learn how to draw cartoon cars. I will also learn how to draw cartoon vehicles since vehicles are mostly like cars.

    This was a good tutorial because the steps are very simple and easy to understand so no matter what the level of the viewer is he is still able to draw the car. She showed the whole car so you could see exactly how it should look like.

    It was a little difficult to listen to the talker because there was a ruffle in the background that got really loud and it was hard to concentrate what the talker was talking about. In the beginning the talker didn’t give specific details about the main shape.

    I liked your comments and this could improve my skills even though I’m horrible at drawing.

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