Chapitre 4, Sports et Passe- temps

Mes réponses

Excersize 1 Tu as compris?

1. She sent a video cassette, a photo and a brochure
2. She likes sport ( Ski and tennis )
3. Emilie wants to know which sport Leticia likes.
4. She thinks Quebec’s nice and she likes it.
5. Emilie likes to listen to music, especially rock

Excersize 2 C’est Emilie? 

1. «J’adore faire du sport.» It is likely that Emilie will say this because she likes sport.
2.  «Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ça.» It is unlikely because she likes to ski.
3. «Pour moi, Québec, c’est barbant en hiver.» It is unlikely because she says some of the
sports she likes to do during winter. (SKI)
4. «Faire des films avec un caméscope, pour moi, c’est passionnant.» It’s likely because
she made a video for Leticia
5. «Je regarde la télé en hiver quand il fait trop froid.» It’s likely because she says that in winter
she sits at home watching TV and listen to music.
6.  «La musique? Bof! Je n’aime pas beaucoup ça.» Very unlikely because she saids that she likes
to listen to music quite a few times and lists what types of songs she likes.

Excercize 3 – Cherche les expressions

1. Emilie says “Salut” in the start of the letter
2. She says Comment ca va? to ask her how her pen pal is?
3. She says Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait? when asking her the whether
4. She uses J’adore or Je to say what she likes to do
5. She uses J’adore and J’aime beaucoup to tell her opinion.
6. She says Et la Californie, c’est comment?, Est-ce qu’il neige à San Diego? and Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait à San Diego?
to inquire about california
7. She says A très bientôt to say good bye.

Excercize 4 – Les saisons et les sports

1. Au printemps, Emilie fait de l’équitation
2. En hiver, elle fait du ski
3. En automne, elle fait elle fait du patin et de la natation.
4.  En été, elle fait du deltaplane et de la voile.

Excersize 5- Et maintenant, à toi

1. Emilie fait du ski: Moi non
2. Elle écoute de la musique: Moi aussi
3. Emilie fait des films avec un caméscope: Moi aussi
4. Emilie fait de l’équitation: Moi aussi ❤
5. Quand il fait trop froid pour sortir, Emilie regarde la télé.: Moi aussi
6. Emilie joue au tennis: Moi non

Hope they’re right 🙂




My IB Learner Profile in French

This year in French, we started learning about the IB learner profile. We tried to match the IB learner profile with the French Words.
Some of them were quite complicating because of how they seemed really different from English and some of them were really easy since it sounded the same as English. Next we discussed with Ms. Maeda about how we can use the IB learner Profile in French Class.

In French class, I can be a Thinker (Un Penseur), a communicator (Un Communicateur), Caring (Altruiste), Risk taker (Audacieux) and Open- Minded (Ouvert D’estprit).

How can I be a Thinker in French?
I’ll definitely use my Brain 🙂 When Ms. Maeda asks me a question, I will think before I say anything. I think it would be a challenge for me the first time because I’m a beginner in French.

How can I be a Communicator?
I will be a communicator by cooperating and being in class discussions. I will listen to people’s Ideas and respond.

How can I be Caring in French class?
I will be caring by helping others when they don’t understand a word. If I don’t know, I will give them solutions like asking the teacher.

How can I be a Risk Taker?
I can be a risk taker by taking risk in pronouncing words in front of the class.

How can I be Open- Minded?
I can be Open-Minded by respecting other even when mistakes occur. I will not laugh at them but laugh with them.