Allez, viens en Arles!

Avant d’explorer

A. Some of your friends are going on a vacation to Arles. They’ve asked you to help them plan their trip. They would like to visit a monument and a museum and go to a festival. Think of a keyword in French for each piece of information you need to search on the Internet, and write your keywords below.
Keywords: Festives, Les Arenes Romains, La Camargue, Les Alyscamps, Obélisque.

En ligne!

B. Now, explore the Internet for the information you need to find and fill the chart below with the name of each place or event your friends could visit and its location, and briefly describe what there is to see and do there.

Musee Réattu- Located near the Roman Baths in Arles. The Reattu museum is a modern art museum and it features various drawings by Picasso.

Les Arenes Romaines- France Arles. Arenes Romaines is an arena where you can enjoy plays, concerts and bullfighting 🙂

Les Rencontres Arles- 34 Rue du Docteur Fanton, 13200 Arles. Rencontres Arles is a festival which displays photographies.

Write the name and URL of each site you visited to complete Activity B:,

C. You have a passion for regional cuisine, and you’d love to know what’s cooking in Arles. List three dishes mentioned on the Web sites you find and their main ingredients.

1. Filets de rougets á la creme d’olive et marjolaine
Main Ingredients:

  • Red Mullet
  • Marjoram
  • Olive
  • Butter

2. Gigot d’agneau de lait braise aux petits oignons
Main Ingredients:

  • Lamb
  • Onions
  • White Wine
  • Butter
  • Milk

3. Soupe au Pistou
Main Ingredients:

  • Green beans
  • Zucchini
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Pasta


D. Explore l’Internet et trouve des informations sur une personne célèbre qui a habité en Arles ou en Provence.

1. Son nom: Vincent Van Gogh
2. Ou il/elle a habité: Netherlands, Paris, Arles, etc.
3. Quand il/elle y a habité: Netherlands from 1853 to 1886, Paris from 1886 to 1888, Arles from 1888 to 1889, Saint Rémy from 1889 to 1890 and Auvers-Sur-Oise 1890 May to 1890 July.
4. La raison de sa célèbrité: He became famous for his artwork and influence ib Expressionism and Fauvism.

WemMuseum Paris

Faisons le bilan

E. List five new French words that you learned while doing the previous activities and explain what each word means.
1. Agneau- Lamg
2. Fermes- Farm
3. Thermes- Bath
4. Rougets- Red Mullet
5. Courgette- Zucchini




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