Spring Concert Koto Performance- Reflection

On May 30th (Friday), we had our Middle School Spring Concert. The Koto ensemble group played ‘Ryu Ryu’ by Hikaru Sawai πŸ™‚


I will be reflecting on the following areas:Β 
1. Preparation (Practicing at home)
2. Class Time (Playing as an ensemble)
3. Performance

1. Preparation-
I think I’ve actually done a lot at home to improve on my skills and I always made sure to record it into my practice log.
I made sure to practice AT LEAST once a week just so I can keep my fingers moving πŸ™‚
Most of it was a success- I did ok with the tempo and the general skills but I found it really weird to play alone at home. It wasn’t hard but I didn’t feel as though I was ‘playing’ because I’m so used to playing the piece as an ensemble. I think the thing that made it feel weird was the fact that the pauses I made was really awkward. (Because one group stops playing at one point when the other group is playing).

2. Class time- Class time was ok too πŸ™‚ This was the time I really learnt the importance of being able to listen to others when playing.
It’s a lot of difference when playing while listening to others, than playing without any attention to what the others are doing.
If I could improve, I just want to be more enthusiastic when playing. I’ve noticed that a lot of people that are REALLY good at Koto seems so enthusiastic and energetic when performing πŸ™‚

3. Performance- If I had to rate my overall performance out of 10, I would give myself a 6.
One thing that lowered my score was one mistake I made during the performance. When my group was supposed to rest, I accidentally played something and I looked really stupid… πŸ™
Another thing that lowered my score was the nodding. I don’t think it was too clear and watching back at the video of our performance, I looked REALLY weird when nodding πŸ™
But other than that, I think I’ve done ok- I made sure I was careful with the dynamics πŸ™‚
I will make sure to always be careful with the dynamics when doing any performing (koto) in the future because I think the dynamics are what makes the music more fun to listen to πŸ™‚