Josho No Kanata – Focussed Sections (Dec. 6th)

This is the last video blog post before our performance on December 10th 🙂

Today, I went over quite a few parts to make sure I had everything polished.
The first section I focussed on is p. 25 – I started off playing really slow and gradually pulled the speed up. I do still have some difficulties here playing all notes clearly while keeping up with the fast tempo but I can say that I’ve improved a lot 🙂
I find that this section is a really important part in the piece as it builds the tension until the wrap up and is the section that needs a lot of power and also ENTHUSIASM!!! 🙂

I then focussed on p.11 line 2, with a metronome. I don’t have such big issues with this section but I sometime lose count or miss count a beat which in this section is especially a big problem because the tempo’s really fast and it’s not too easy to come back in, and start playing again.

Finally, I focussed on p.17. This is the part where I always have difficulties with especially line 2. But I now can play it! It just needed a bit of practice and since there’s a lot of change in the fingers you use, it’s really hard to do so, while still keeping track with the tempo.

In the next few practices before the concert, I will be practicing on my dynamics and presses. And making sure I have all the dynamic markings memorized 🙂

Overall, I can say that I’ve improved a lot and I still remember the first blog post I wrote – I talked about how hard I found the piece!
We have been practicing this piece for a really long time now and so I hope the performance goes well and that we can show our past efforts in the performance 🙂