Kinuta Practice – December 12th :)

Warm up:
Broken Octaves

Focussed on:
1. Page 1, Line 2, Measure 3
2. Page 2. Line 4, Measure 2
3. Page 3, Line 3, Measure 3

These are all areas where I need to improve my presses. Especially where there needs to be a quick change in press, I have difficulties being ready on the string on time. I also need to strengthen my fingers more so I can press harder when I need to.
Out of these 3 areas, I find the last one the most difficult. I can’t seem to ever get the presses right because I never know how much I need to press onto the string. I need to keep practicing to get my body to remember how much I push down so that in the future, I’ll be able to press perfectly in one go.

I can’t think of any ways to improve my presses other than practicing lots. I think it’s the best way. I could use a tuner to make sure I’m pressing enough but that won’t help me improve my presses.

When I’m playing in class, I never realise my press is really off and I think I rely too much on my classmates but when I’m at home, I realise how terrible my presses sound and it probably contributes a lot to making the music sound awful when we’re playing in class even though it doesn’t seem like anyone can hear it. I generally don’t have as much strength as the other players in the class have so I don’t worry often about my presses being really bad or making a mistake because I assume no one can hear it but I should probably start worrying 🙂

Chapitre 7: Mise En Train (Answers)

1. Tu as compris?
  1. How does Bruno feel at the beginning of the story?
    He feels run-down.
  2. What three things do Céline andHector ask him about?
    If he ate breakfast, if he plays sports, and what time he slept the day before.
  3. What do they suggest to help him feel better?
    To eat/drink well, sleep earlier and do some exercise.
  4. Where do Hector and Bruno go? What do they do there?
    They go to the gym to do some weight lifting, cycling and aerobic exercise.
  5. How does Bruno feel at the end of the story?
    Annoyed and disappointed.
2. Fais ton choix

Complète ces phrases d’après Trop de conseils. 

  1. Bruno s’est couchĂ© vers…
    1. dix heures.
    2. onze heures et demie.
    3. minuit.
  2. Au petit déjeuner, Bruno…
    1. a mangé une pomme.
    2. a mangé des céréales.
    3. n’a rien mangé.
  3. D’après Céline, il est important de…
    1. se coucher tard.
    2. bien se nourrir.
    3. sauter des repas.
  4. Bruno fait du sport…
    1. rarement.
    2. souvent.
    3. de temps en temps.
  5. D’après Hector, pour élever le rythme cardiaque, il faut…
    1. s’échauffer.
    2. tonifier les muscles.
    3. faire de l’aérobic.
  6. Bruno s’est fait mal…
    1. Ă  la main.
    2. Ă  la cheville.
    3. Ă  la tĂŞte.
3. Cherche les expressions

What does Céline or Hector say to … 

  1. find out what is wrong with Bruno?
    Eh bien, qu’est-ce que tu as, Bruno?
  2. give him advice?
    Tu devrais…
  3. justify their advice?
    Il est importante…
  4. offer encouragement?

    What does Bruno say to …
  5. tell how he’s feeling?
    Je me sens tout raplapla.
  6. express his discouragement?
  7. complain about an injury?
  8. express his annoyance with his friend?
    Ecoute! J’en ai marre de tes conseils!
4. Qu’est-ce qu’ils disent?
  1. Bruno is leaning his head on his hand. He looks tired.
     «Je me sens tout raplapla.»
  2. Bruno is sitting at the café. He’s slumped in his chair. His stomach is growling.
    Grrr! «J’ai sauté le petit déjeuner ce matin.»
  3. Bruno is sitting down. Hector is leaning over him and CĂ©line is standing nearby.
     «Il est important de bien se nourrir.»
  4. Bruno is lying on a bench lifting weights. Hector is spotting for him.
     «Il faut tonifier ses muscles.»


5. Et maintenant, Ă  toi

Qu’est-ce que tu penses des conseils que les amis de Bruno lui donnent? Qu’est-ce que tu voudrais lui conseiller, toi? Qu’est-ce que tu fais quand tes amis te donnent des conseils sur ta santé?

Je pense que Hector et Céline était trop énergique. Ils a doit était un peu plus sympathique pour Bruno.
Je voudrais lui conseille pour se reposer juste et dites-lui de dormir plus tôt. Je vais lui dire de manger un repas équilibré (légumes, la viande, les produits laitier, etc.).