Using Standard Form in Measurement- Math

In Math, we have been learning how to convert basic numerals into ‘Standard Form’.
Standard form is also known as ‘Scientific Notations’.

Today in Math class, we went outside to look for 4 objects in the school.
We then measured each objects so we could convert them into ‘standard form measurements’ later.
My partner (Marina) and I measured the following things:

Bench (3rd floor)












Printer (3rd floor)














Water Fountain (2nd floor)














TV (Foyer)












Changing units of measurements:

1. Bench-
Length: 154cm (1.54m)
Length in kilometers: 0.00154km
Length in nanometers: 1,540,000,000nm

2. Printer-
Length: 110.6cm (1.106m)
Length in kilometers: 0.001106km
Length in nanometers: 1,106,000,000nm

3. Water Fountain-
Length: 89cm (0.89m)
Length in kilometers: 0.00089km
Length in nanometers: 890,000,000nm

4. Television-
Length: 74.8cm (0.748m)
Length in kilometers: 0.000748km
Length in nanometers: 748,000,000nm

Problems with converting units of measurements

Converting units of measurements can just be difficult to understand in general.
People are used to measuring things in cm/inches but not in km. You know how much a centimeter is by heart since you’re so used to measuring things in that unit but when it comes to converting them into kilometers, you aren’t exactly sure how much a kilometer is. It’s hard to decide whether that object is big or small, long or short when you aren’t too familiar with the unit.
Same with converting centimeters/inches into nanometers/micrometers, you aren’t familiar with these unit, therefore it is hard to understand how big or small the object is when first glancing at the measurement.

Advantages of using standard form

Standard form are mainly used for writing really big numbers. Eg; 10 million trillion. Using standard form can minimize the time you spend writing such big numbers down and it saves time 🙂

Disadvantages of using standard form

It becomes really complicated once you start adding and subtracting the 2 or more measurements written in standard form since you have to convert one of them into the same power of 10 as the other measurement.