Grade 6 Gymnastics, R, R, J, K, L

The past weeks in P.E, we’ve been doing gymnastics. Grade 6 were divided into 2 groups by Gymnastics and Rounders.
Last time, I was in Rounders so now I’m in Gymnastics.
In Gymnastics, we’ve learnt the different skills to do on the floor mat and skills we use on the vault and some group stunt which is where you have 2 or Β 3 people doing it and 1 or 2 people helping them get up. For example you can have 2 people sitting on the floor with their heads down and one person standing on them.
After we were all confident enough to do these skills we made our own group including 3, 4, or 5 people and started making a gymnastic routine/sequence. I was with Keina, Rhiannu, Lucy and Julia. Each group got a paper to plan out the routine and we also chose a song. We chose the song “Truly Madly Deeply” by Cascada.
And after we planned out everything we started practicing our routine which continued for about 2 weeks.
And today was finally our day to perform. I was really frightened, we were the 3rd group to perform out of the 5 groups.
Our teacher filmed this ↓





I am the one wearing a blue shirt πŸ™‚

For our routine, we included a lot of different skills, and we each tried something different or did the same skill but in a different order. We used, the floor mat to do our Cartwheels, Front roll, Backward roll, etc and used the Vault to do a 180ΒΊ/360ΒΊ jump, a front roll on the big mat, a Star Jump, etc

I did a front roll, Backward roll, cartwheel, and a front roll and star jump on the vault.
We also did a few group stunt which was Keina and Rhiannu going down on their knees looking down and me standing on them. Julia and Lucy were the helpers who helped me get up.
The other one we did was where Julia went down on her knees and held Lucy’s hand and Lucy lifted her leg while Rhiannu helped her lift the leg. Me and Lucy also included some ballet moves we learnt in our Jazz dance club to make it look smooth and flowing. We thought that it would be nice because usually ballet movements are really nice looking and smooth.

I think we all did pretty well with making it flow through the whole sequence but could improve a bit more because in some parts we had to point to others to stand there or here and that didn’t make it smooth. I think we can improve this by memorizing the routine better next time.

The most challenging skill for me was the cartwheel because I haven’t been doing this so much. And I knew if I went straight or not with the front rolls and Backward rolls but didn’t know if my body was straight while doing the cartwheels.
The other challenging skill for me was the 3 continued front roll which is where you don’t stop after the front roll and keep going for another 2 times. This was hard because whenever I was done with the first roll my legs weren’t stuck together and were opened so it was hard to do the next roll.

I think I succeeded my challenge but could have done better. When I watched the video and looked at the part where I did a cartwheel, I was quite surprized because I thought I was bad than that.
When I looked at the part where I do the 3 continued front roll, I was also surprized with that because it went smooth and was very fast. I think that was because I practiced really hard at home πŸ™‚

The most enjoyable one was the star jump I did after jumping on the vault. I don’t exactly know why I like it but I think it’s because that was the best one I can do.(Maybe)
The other enjoyable one was the Cartwheel! Even though it was a challenging one I still like doing it.

I think me and my group all worked productively to make the best routine. We all gave each others ideas too. I think this is what helped us do a good job in the performance.

If I were to do this again, next time I want to make the whole routine more smooth and also outstanding. When I looked at the other groups, they used skills that they didn’t learn in classes but used skills they made themselves so that was really cool.
Next time I want to include a variety of different skills to make it look cool like the other groups. Other then that, I think we did a great job πŸ™‚
This unit was the best unit I’ve ever done in P.E!! Since I love dancing and making them, it was really fun doing this.
Last time when I tried a cart wheel in Drama class, I couldn’t do it but since we got a chance to practice this in P.E, I really improved and can do it now! It was really sad when Gymnastics ended and I cried because after all these practices it was already done. I still don’t get why practices take so much time and performing takes less time. I wish we can do Gymnastics in P.E every day.
It was really really really fun and I can’t even describe how much I loved it. I’m not lying, it was the BEST unit ever!!!