Science- My Food (Peach Experiment)

In science, I did a experiment with a peach to see if there is Protein, Carbohydrates (Glucose and Starch) or fat in it. We did this by looking at the color changes in the peach juice when adding Biuret an Benedicts.
I found out that Peach has a little bit of fat and a little bit of Glucose.

After doing the experiment, we had to make a presentation/poster about it. I did a poster. I was proud of my work because I put a lot of effort to it and this was because I found it really fun. The most Hardest thing in the project was to draw the peach 🙂 I spent 2~3 days on the experiment and the poster.

I learnt how to test what kind of nutrients are in a food and learnt the nutrients in peach.

If I can do the poster again, I want to concentrate because I made a mistake on the graph and I had to put a paper over it.