This Is our first middle school field studies trip. For some people this Is their first trip. We are going to be away for five days. Some people will find It hard to be away for so long, some people won’t care. We are all excited to go.

We are going to do:

1.Canoeing 😀

2.Mountain biking

3.Rock climbing


5.Hot air ballooning

I am really excited to go canoeing. Most people are excited to go hot air ballooning. We get to spend a whole week with all of our friends. I think we will learn a lot about team work. I am not so excited about the five hour bus trip. I can’t wait to find out what rooms we are In.

フィール スタディーズ でつかう 日本語(Field studies use Japanese language)



いただきます (Before you start eating)

ごちそうさまでした (Thank you for the meal)

おやすみなさい (Goodnight)

おはようございます (Good morning)

ありがとうがざいます (Thank you)

おなかがすいた (I’m hungry)

おいしい! (Yummy)

たのしい (I’m having fun)

こんばんは (Good evening)

むずかしい ( Difficult)

さむい (Cold)

Becoming a Blogger Investigation and Reflection

Over the past few weeks we have learned about how to make a blog. We filled out a blog research sheet to find out what other blogs have so that we can put It on our blog. We made a brainstorm about what to put on our blog.Now we are making a blog and we can use everything we learnt to create an interesting, useful and clear blog. If we follow our guide lines and use our classmates help we can all make a good blog.I will use what I learnt. I will be able to make a good blog by looking at other peoples blog to get some Ideas but to also be original and creative. I think I should look at my blog at least four times a week because then I will be able to see the comments of what people think of my blog and my posts. Some people might give feed back on how my blog could be Improved. I will Include the design and plan criteria. Because planing your blog Is a good way to think about what to put on your blog so that when you create your blog you know what to put on. When your planning your blog you can also go back to look at your mistakes. When your In the process of designing you would use your plans that you did in the planing process.