My Music Reflection

This unit has been the performance unit. I chose to play the Instrument clarinet. I played clarinet last year as well. I also play piano. When I started playing piano I learnt about music theory. That helped me a lot. The unit question Is ” How are notes used to show rhythm and pitch?”.  I think that you can tell the pith by reading the notes.

During this unit I have learnt about music theory. I have learnt about holding and playing my clarinet In the right position. We have been giving three band songs , Two Bridges March, Pirates Cave and The Music For The Royal Fireworks. In class we worked on Two Bridges March and Pirates Cave. Sometimes It was hard to stay together, meaning that some people could be behind or ahead a measure. It was also useful when we played In a group because If I made a mistake It wouldn’t be so clear and I could listen to others playing and then join In again. When we were had to chose our solo songs I chose amaizing grace. I started practicing and I realized that I didn’t know enough of the notes. I changed my solo song Into a song that I started last year but I played the harder verse. Every night I practiced my solo at least once. I asked for feedback from one of my parents friends who play clarinet. I listend to proesionals play the solo and what helped the most was that I listend to my own recording.

It was hard for me to go from a low note to a high note. Sometimes when I tried I would make a “squeeeek” sound. When I was practicing clarinet I would spend two minutes going from low notes to high notes. I also had trouble with choosing my solo. I went through different songs but they were all to hard or to easy for me to play. I tried changing the song but I couldn’t find a song suitable for my level. The song that I eventally chose was a bit to easy for me. I think that I could have chosen a harder song. Over this unit I Improved because I practiced more this year then last year. I also think that I Improved because I had more help then last year. I want to continue playing clarinet In the future. Clarinet Is a great Instrument and I want to be able to Improve.

Here Is an Audio of me playing my solo, Now’s The Time, on my clarinet: Nows the time- Music- Solo- Rhiannu



かぞくのしょかい [Introducing my family]

わたしのかぞくは五人です。おとうさんと おかあさんと おとうとと いもうと。わたしは なまえは リアニ です。おとうさんのなまえは ガレス です。おかあさんのなまえは リンダ です。おとうとのままえは オワン です。いもうとのなまえは ニーア です。 わたしは バイク すきです。おとうと ビデオゲーム すきでか。おかさんは スカッシュ すきです。いもうとは アート すきです。おとうさんは バイク すきです。

Becoming A Blogger Plan/ Design Reflection

We started off brainstorming Ideas for our blog. The we started to plan and design our blog. One of the first activities was to plan and design our blog. We had to design three blog pages on a A4 size paper. We were told to design a blog page that represented our personality. The next lesson that we had we were assigned partners. We had to look at each others designs and see which one Is a better blog and If It suits their personality.

The theme that I chose for my blog Is called color splash. I chose the theme because It Is colorful and my blog page design was also colorful. This theme Is really cool but It doesn’t have any widgets and the sidebar Is on the wrong side. I think that you can fix that. I want the theme on my blog to show my personality. I also think that when people look at  your blog you need to have an Interesting blog theme so that they will keep looking around on your blog. I might need to change the theme I am using because the background Is like my blog page design but the widgets and sidebar Is completely different.

We filled out a second sheet of paper called how to grow a blog. This sheet of paper was about writing down our thoughts and what we have learnt. I think that I achieved my goals and still need to achieve some.

How to grow a blog

How to grow a blog

One thing that I would like to learn Is how to change your theme a little bit. In class we might learn this but If not I could ask a friend who knows. In class we will learn more ways to Improve our  blog. We have learnt a lot during this unit. Technology class Is really helpful because In all the other classes we use our blogs and In tech we get taught that.


P.E Reflection of unit 2

My line graph

My line graph

This Is a line graph of the times that I have had. The first time I only ran one lap. I Improved from my first run for two laps. Then we had our holiday, I came back and I ran my worst time. On the final day I improved a lot.I think I got a 6 out of 8 because I didn’t always put all my effort Into the running. I think I Improved a lot during this unit. After the cross country day I felt proud of myself because I had completed the unit. Outcome goal- My outcome goal was to be able to complete two laps of negishi In less than 22:00 minutes. Process goal- My process goal was to be able to run two laps walking twice and to finish on cross country day under 18:00 minutes. Sometimes when I was running I hummed and used self talk. The self talk I used was that I thought about what would happen at the end of my run. I thought about that If I tried my best when I finished running I would be proud of myself. If I didn’t try my best then I wouldn’t be proud of myself I would be disappointed. This year we had a lot more practices for cross country then previous years. That really helped me because I need a few times to practice to warm up and become more conferment for the final cross country day. One of the cross country practices we ran the other way of negishi. I found It harder because we had to start running up hill and end running down hill. I learnt that when your running techniques help you with running. I experimented with different types of shoes. It turned out that the shoes I wore for the runs In the middle were more comfortable and I chose those to run In on the final day of cross country. At the end of each run It was best to keep walking around Instead of sitting and lying down.

This Is a picture of my house color, Minami, warming up.

This Is grade six ready to run!!!!! 🙂

This Is me [ I am the one with the red shirt] about half way through running.

I am trying my best as I am so close to the finish line.

After cross country we all relaxed and had fun!! 🙂



Art- Self portrait

Our first unit was about drawing a self portrait. My first thoughts were ” I don’t know how to draw myself and I don’t like drawing myself”. Then Mr. Welk explained what we would be doing during the unit. He showed us the self portraits from last year. I could definitely see that they have improved and I thought that If I worked hard I would be able to Improve.

Our unit question was ” How does observing help us learn?”. At first I thought that that had nothing to do with art but as we learned more about drawing a self portrait I realized that observing was a big part of art.

This Is my first self portrait

This Is my first self portrait

For the fie first part of the unit we were told to draw a self portrait. I didn’t know how to draw a self portrait. I also didn’t know iIf we were supposed to use something to help us like a mirror, a picture….. I didn’t use any of those things. When I drew my self I just thought about what I look like and started drawing. I didn’t use any shading or tone. My self portrait was not a self portrait It was a cartoon. II thought It was ok but when I realized how we were supposed to draw It I made a big mistake.


Mr. Welk taught us how to draw Individual portions on our face.That helped a lot because then I knew how  draw the proportions on my face to complete my self portrait.

This Is the photo I used to help me draw my self portrait.

This Is the photo I used to help me draw my self portrait.


This picture was very useful because It was a close up and i could see all the details on my face. I used some measurements to help find out were the proportions on my face were. I found out were the center of my face was. It made It a lot easier to draw my self portrait. On picture you could see shading and tone. Thats what we needed to use to make our self portrait three dimensional.

Final self portrait

Final self portrait


This Is my final self portrait. I have improved a lot since my first one. I could Improve because I observed and that helped a lot. By the end of this unit I understood the unit question “How does observing help us learn?”.

Day 4

Today was the day of the hike. I woke up really early . I packed my bag with water, a snack and my journal. I walked down the stair for breakfast. The breakfast was delicious as usual.

We took a bus to the bottom of the mountain we were hiking up. The evergreen staff had two dogs. The dogs were for If somebody got tierd when they were walking up the mountain. They would be able to get pulled up.

This was one of the dogs. His name was teddy.

This was the other dog. Her name was sky.

Before hiked up the mountain we stopped at a park below the mountain. There was a lot of swings and flying foxes.

This was a flying fox.

This was a cage that you sit In and swing across to the other side.

After we had fifteen to twenty minutes of playing In the park we got ready to start the hike. We all streached. Then we started our hike. The first part of our hike was up a hill but after a while It started to get a little bit flatter. We hiked for three hours up hill and two hours down. When we got to the bottom we stopped at a park. This time the park had no play equipment just grass and a stream. We just hang out with our friends and ran around. Then the buses picked us up and drove us back to the hotel. We had free time to work on our skits for the party that night. My room mates and I went down to the onsen and washed up. Then we had our last dinner. After dinner we went up to our rooms to have a last practice for our skit. The teachers were setting up the dinning room for the skits and the end of field studies party. The evergreen staff brought snacks and fizzy drinks. Every group performed their skits while the other groups ate the snacks and drank fizzy drinks. It was so much fun. Then It was time for bed. This was the last night of field studies.

Day 3

I woke up after a comfortable nights sleep. I had a delicious breakfast and was ready for the 3rd day of field studies. We went rock climbing.

Here was one of the rock climbing walls

Here are some of my friends rock climbing :





We all went to the river and had a BBQ for lunch.

This was part of our BBQ lunch.

After lunch we swapped our activities. My group cleaned the river. It might sound boring but It was really fun. We got to walk In the water. My pants got soaking wet.

This Is Anna when we were cleaning the river.

On the way back we had a great view of the ski jumps. We could also see the jumps from our window. We were lucky because when we got back to our room the china team were practicing on the ski jumps so we got to see them. We had some free time. My room mates and I walked down to the onsen. We washed our self and got dressed. Then we ate dinner. I was so hungry but I was still excited because we were going hot air ballooning. My group was the first group to go up IN the hot air balloon. It was so cool.

This was the hot air balloon.

When It was time to walk back up to our room and sleep I was full with food.

Day 2

Today was one of my favorite days because we were doing two fun activities . We woke up and ate breakfast. Then we got ready for our activities . I was In the group that was going mountain biking first. I had been mountain biking before when I lived In Australia. I knew a little bit about mountain biking so It was easier. Before we started we had to get set up and learn how to use our mountain bikes.

My Friend Anna on her Bike.

At first I was a bit nervous when we were riding because I thought I was going to ride off the edge of the mountain but then It was okay. We stopped to look at a stream full of fresh water. The water tasted better than normal water. I filled up my water bottle with the spring water.

We stopped to look at the view and take photos:

This Is a picture of my friend Alina when we were mountain biking.

This Is a picture of the group that I was In.

We rode up a hill and then rode back to our camp.
We ate lunch then switched our activitie. Now we were canoieng. I love canoieng. it Is one of my favorite activities.

These were some of the canoies .

Some people turned back because they fell In the water. My group kept going. We found a really small rock Island and named It Unispongefoo. When we finished our activities we packed our bags ready to move to the hotel. When we were all ready we got on a bus to the hotel.

This Is the sign In front of the hotel.

I got the room keys and took the elevater to our room. Our room was so cool. We had two floors. Our dinner was really good. My favorite part of dinner was the dessert. We had birthday cake. It was one of my friend Tomokas birthday. The cake was really yummy.

This was the birthday cake………. It was delicious 🙂

Then It was time to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………………………..

Day 1

I woke up early In the morning to get ready for field studies. I was really excited. I finally got to school after running around my house looking for my bag. Some parents were taking pictures. At 7:00 we left for our five hour journey. On the bus we talked, sang and laugh [ a lot!!]. I took some pictures of other people on  the same bus: 

This Is my teacher Mr. Fedley puling a weird face.

This is my friends Alina [on the left] and Layna [on the right] with there soft toys

We drove past Mt.fuji and I just managed to get a picture.

We had a toilet brake and Peter decided to try on some sun glasses.

This Is Juulia and the rest of our bus.

We arrived after a five hour journey. Every one went straight to the river and started skipping stones and throwing rocks.

Then we had to put up our tent.

This Is another group who was setting up there tent.

Our group was called unispongefoo. That stands for unicorn spongebob and red foo. After we set up our tents we packed for our orientiering walk.

We split up Into our groups. Before we went on the walk we needed to learn how to use a compass. We all gathered around and listened to one of the ever green staff teaching us how to use a compass as shown above In the picture. Then all the groups left at different times. Unispongefoo was the first group to come back.

After all the groups came back we had some free time. Some people helped make dinner. For dinner we had spaghetti and salad. It was delicious. I cleaned my dishes and then sat down and started writing In my journal.

Everybody Is relaxed and Is writing In their journal.

We were all still excited because of the camp fire.

This was the camp fire.

At the camp fire we learnt a few songs and played games. My favorite song was the banana song. Everybody sang “Shake banana shake shake banana. Peel banana peel peel banana. Go banana go go banana’s….” around the campfire. We played a game. The game was that we played paper scissors rock but we had to move our body Into a shape to show what object we were. If you were the same object as the ever green staff then you would be out. You would have to go join the ever green staff. The best part of the first day was coming up. ROASTING MARSH MELLOWS!!!! 🙂 . Everybody ran to to the marsh mellows and started roasting them. That was my favorite part of the first day. We got ready for bed after the camp fire. I went straight to sleep. I was so tired.


What did I explore In this unit?
This unit was about Improv.Improv Is creating drama on the spot. We learnt a selection of games that were related to improv. They were expert double figure, statues, space jump, word at a time and die story die. These games helped us with learning about Improv.

What did I learn?

We learnt about O[offfer] + A[Accept] =Scene. When an actor/actress offers an Idea you need to accept the offer. We leant about body language, facial expresions, gestures and posture.

What did I know before this unit?

I knew a little bit about Improv. I knew that Improv was avcting with out a script and acting on the spot. Sometimes during drama lessons or school plays if someone forgets a line then you have to Improvise.

What do I want to know?

This unit we have learnt about a lot. I would like to learn some more games. The games help me learn about Improv. I could also practice those games to help learn about Improv. When you are acting In a performance and you or somebody else makes a mistake you have to Improvise. I can use Improvisation In a performance.