My two minute speech

In drama class, we had to create a two-minute speech about someone we know. for example family, friends, neighbor, ect. My speech was about one of my American friends, Haley. I chose to do my speech about her because she has just moved to America (from Japan) and we are also good friends.

This Is a link to My two minute speech.

The same as our other speech assignments, we have to write a reflection on the modulation In our speech. We focused on these modulations to reflect on:

Volume: I think that my volume was at a reasonable level although when I could be louder. When I forgot what I was going to say I started to become quieter.

Projection: I didn’t have to project when I was performing my speech because the camera and my audience was close enough for me to use my normal voice.

Pace: I think that I had a steady pace because I was able to say all that I wanted In just over two minutes. When I was trying to remember what to say next I sometimes slowed down my pace. Then when I tried to go back to my normal pace It became unsteady.

Pitch: My pitch went from medium to low to high. I was kind of all over the place. I tried to be more serious then excited because when my voice Is lower It Is easier to understand. When I was nervous and I was rushing my pitch changed to a higher pitch. When I was more relaxed It became a lower pitch.

Pause: This time we had the choice to use palm cards. I practiced with and without them. I found It better to do the speech without the palm cards because with them I looked at them to much. I was fine when I was practicing but then when it came to the real speech I got really nervous and forgot what I was going to say so there was a lot of pauses. I think that sometimes I didn’t pause enough because I was rushing.

Emphasis: During my speech i don’t really emphasis any words. I should though because It shows that the word Is important and that the audience will pay more attention to the word.

Posture: Most of the time I was relaxed and standing up straight but, I did keep moving my arms from side to side. When I got nervous I changed my posture and I look un-natural.

Eye contact: Most of the time I looked at the camera but I sometimes looked to the side and It looked like I was uncomfortable.

This Is my second time making and performing a speech. I had more time to prepare for this speech but I could I have done better. I also achieved somethings. I think that I Improved In pausing because I paused at a reasonable time. I think that my posture was better then last time because I was a bit more relaxed. My posture most likely helped me with my speech because when you stand up you can talk clearly and It makes It easier for people to understand you. I should Improve on my pace because then my audience can understand. When you have a steady pace the other modulation tones become easy to use and perfect. I also should start using projection because that can help when I have an audience that Is far away and close .