My favorite tutorial: How to write a song

Hi everyone. This Is a link to my favorite tutorial:\

In my tech class we have been looking at tutorials. I wrote all this down on my Rhiannu 6B Tutorial Research sheet. I looked at three tutorials all about song writing. We had to chose one. I decided to choose the very last tutorial I looked at. I chose It because It was the most clear tutorial I looked at. I liked how they had steps 1,2,3,4… etc. At the end of the written tutorial there was a video of the tutorial above but In video form. This was really helpful because I could see all of the examples so It was easier to understand. I like this tutorial a lot better than all the others because It was the only one that mentioned some really Important things about song writing such as Feedback, setting a mood, Inspiration… etc. It was easier for me to look at a written tutorial than a video because I could take my time to look at everything.