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In technology class we have been researching/looking at tutorials. One of our assignments was to choose our favorite tutorial from our tutorial research sheet. Then we had to look at other students blogs, who did the same assignment, and comment on them. I commented on my friends Aruna and Marinas blog post. After watching these two videos I picked up some Important tips, techniques, skills, advice etc… One of the most Important things that I learned that made a difference In both videos was pace. In the tutorial I watched on Aruna’s blog I felt that It was quite hard to understand some of the steps on “how to draw Liffy” [the name of her favorite tutorial] because of the pace. I think that It went too fast because I couldn’t understand the steps enough to actually draw Liffy, however I also think that It was a good tutorial because of the way that the tutorial was made. I think that I learned a lot from Marinas tutorial because It was so clear and easy to understand. I think that It was a clever idea that the person who created this video made the background completely white so there were no distractions. In Marinas favorite tutorial, “How to cut a pineapple”, I could understand every word the lady said and follow the steps.

Every single time we do the Investigate part of a project It Is usually the most helpful [for me]. For this project the Investigate part was a research sheet. I looked at three tutorials and they were all different. They were also different styles. One of them was a video of a lady explaining how to write a song. She used a whiteboard which made It easier to understand In case I missed something. The second one was a written tutorial. I don’t that It was as good as the first one because of the absence of detail. The third tutorial I looked at was my favorite. It was on the same topic as all the others, song writing, but it still seemed to stand out. I think that I liked  it so much because it include things the other tutorials didn’t. They included some very important steps that made a difference, like feedback, listening to different types of music, finding your style and asking for different opinions. After reviewing all three tutorials I realized that they were all different but had some of the same Important details. They were all clear to understand but not all the time, they all had advice to help, they also all had a nice way of presenting there tutorial etc… All of the techniques and skills I have learned can help me with the tutorials that I will be creating In the future. By looking at the tutorials you can see how you can use what you have learnt and put it into your own tutorial.






Part of this project was a practice tutorial. I created mine about how to export a podcast to an mp3. This Is one of the first tutorials I have ever attempted so If you could give me some tips or advice to help me Improve. This Is my practice tutorial:

There are a lot of different types of tutorials. There can be videos, audio recording, written tutorials etc… The tutorial that I chose as my favorite and the one that I made in my practice tutorial has numerous amounts of differences. First of all the way the tutorials are presented Is different, one of the tutorials is a slide show the other is video. I think that what makes them especially different Is that the tutorial I looked at is longer, so they used more detail, It has important recognized things that I have to do to improve on my next tutorial. I think that we will be learning how to use the skills that we have learned in tech class, It will also be helpful.

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  1. Fantastic work Rhiannu! You have so many amazing details here about what makes a great tutorial and how you discovered that through the research and analyze process. I’m confident that you understand the criteria for designing a great tutorial! Can’t wait to see your finished work!

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