Teachers of the future: plan reflection

I have just been completing the plan stage of the design cycle. This project is about making a tutorial. I am creating mine about music theory. I want to try and help people who need help with music theory. Before I can make my tutorial I need to plan. That’s what I have been doing so far. For the plan stage there are four sections. Design, Outline, Plan and Reflect.

This was a storyboard I created to hep my final product, tutorial.

In the Design part of the plan stage I completed a storyboard. The storyboard gave me a rough idea of what I am going to do. I figured out the transitions, time of the clip, titles and more. As I was making my storyboard i learnt that it matters about the details that were used in each clip. Without them It would be a little bit hard to follow directions. With them you can understand how much detail there is in each clip. I think that my storyboard shows a good tutorial design because I put pictures that described the clip and what will be in it. I only put one picture in each box so that it is clear to understand. My plan shows how I have outlined the important parts of creating a tutorial by listing what i think is the major parts of creating a tutorial and explaining how i should complete the task, but in my own type of way. In my tutorial I think that I stayed in topic and on subject because every thing I say is related to the main subject. When I wanted to give advice I had to make sure that It was related to the main subject. I noticed that in some other tutorials I looked at the person who was telling them went of topic and that made me lose concentration and i couldn’t figure out what to do, so it is important that i stay on topic. I think that In this Plan stage I especially did the planing well, because I took my time to decide the steps. I made them simple and easy to understand. One of the things I think my tutorial shows a good design of, is how simple my steps are. Making sure that my tutorial is simple is really important because i want the viewers to be able to read and understand my tutorial as much as possible. I think that I have done this, I have made the detail points simple.

This Is part of the storyboard called the outline that i completed for each clip:

I think that I should have made my plan and story template more ensuring that the viewer will be able to learn this skill i am telling them and hopefully they will succeed. To Improve on ensuring how the viewer can succeed I should add more advice that would fit into the tutorial. It might be challenging at some parts of my tutorial to add ensuring skills because It might not be believable. I want the viewers who are looking at my tutorial to be able to feel confident that they can succeed in what i am trying to tell them and teach them. I think that if I was taking my own tutorial I would be able to follow it, but i think that there should have been more advice. I should add more advice to my tutorial and I should change some things so it is a easy tutorial. When I am filming and practicing my tutorial I can use expressions and hand gestures to help explain my tutorial even more.

This is the plan that I completed to help me with my deadlines:

I have learnt a lot of ways to make an efficiant tutorial, but i think that there are still more things that I can learn to have a great tutorial. One thing that I would like to know is something that is related to technology. On imovie there are a lot of cool special effects that you can use. When I use them they would make my tutorial look professional and more efficiant, but i don’t want to spend five minutes putting some extra edits [special effects] in my tutorial. To make things quicker and so i have more time and time is not wasted I would like to learn some short cuts. Another thing that i think would be important to learn. I would like to learn about how you can use a plan more efficiently.

I have just recently written up a plan template. I think that the plan template will help me space out the work that I have to do and i have deadlines to help we work. Through out the plan stage I think that I have been improving. I think that the plan stage has helped me improve on planing. In the next stage I can use all the planning that I have created to build my way up to my final tutorial.

Student led Conferences

6B Drama: Dramatic Handshake from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This Is one of the activities that was my favorite. I also enjoyed doing this activity because we got to experiment with different gestures and movements. In this activity Alina and I made a handshake. We both worked hard to create the movements and gestures for our handshake. When we practiced we didn’t make so many mistakes because we were focused, but when we performed we got a bit unfocused.