Ueno zoo Trip

What we did

On may 8th my grade, 6th grade took a trip to Ueno zoo and The Tokyo National Museum. We went to Ueno zoo for science and we went to The Tokyo National Museum for humanities class. Ueno Zoo is a zoo that is located in Japan, Tokyo. There are a lot of different animals at Ueno zoo that need to be treated with respect and should be in a comfortable environment that meets the animals needs, but not all the enclosures are big enough for the animal. While we were at the zoo I researched about the Asian Elephant and they were in a small enclosure that was nothing a like to there normal enclosure.

The elephants enclosure

The elephants enclosure








You can see that in the right picture there is a small amount of water that isn’t enough for an elephant to fit in. Something that i think is ok is that the zoo has tried to add rocks around the side so the enclosure looks real for the elephant, but the rocks are plastic so it isn’t very realistic. It is a good idea for the zoo to have dirt, sand and gravel floors because when an elephant is hot they throw dirt over there self, with there trunks, to cool them down. Some other animals that didn’t  need such a big space had a reasonable amount of space. There was a lot of information for each animal about what the zoo feeds them and where they sleep, how much they weigh, there names and where they came from.

I think that it is a good idea to have zoo’s because they protect endangered animals and also heal and help injured animals. Some zoo’s have re-created the animals habitat really well and are living in a safe and an environment that meets there needs. These are two example.

Big lemur enclosure

Small lemur enclosure

Small lemur enclosure










You can see the difference between these two enclosure sizes. The one on the left is smaller then the one on the right. This shows that some zoo’s are able to meet the needs of some animals and others are not. If i were an animal living at ueno zoo i don’t think that I would be so happy.






National Museum Reflection

On tuesday may 6th, six grade took a trip to Ueno zoo and the Tokyo national museum. We went to Ueno zoo first then walked across the street to the Tokyo national museum. It was very quite in the museum so coming from the zoo it took some time for me to appreciate the artifacts. I usually don’t like going to quite museums, but because I had never been to a japanese museum before it was interesting to see all the ancient artifacts and discover more about Japan’s history. Looking at all the artifacts i realized that each one had something interesting and/or unique about it. I saw some designs that were so detailed and that i had never seen on any other piece of work. I think that some of the designs i saw were a combination of different cultures. When i was looking at all the different artifacts designs i think that the they were mostly a combination of Japanese and Asian, Chinese culture and patterns.

I looked at so many different interesting artifact, but one of the them i was most interested in was called Dish. The dish was a big dish with different designs such as patterns that included flowers. Right next to the Dish were two jar shaped pottery artifacts. They had the same design as the Dish except at the the very top there was a rooster. I found out some interesting facts about this artifact. The Dish of Imarii Kinrande wares were based on reproductions of  chinese Kinrande wares, so i think that the design on the dish is a combination of Japanese and Chinese designs. The dish was a gift from Dr. Yokogawa Tamisuke. I think that the design was like a pattern, but at the museum i found out that the Dish is an undergraze blue and over glaze enamel design. It was created in the Edo period, the 18th century so i am really Impressed with how detailed they made the Dish. It was created in japan, but based on a chinese design. This design and reproduction became so popular that they started to import it to different parts of europe.

This is the picture of the artifact Dish, from the Tokyo national museum.

The picture above is one of the interesting artifacts i looked at at the museum, called dish. I think that the designs on the artifact in the middle is amazingly detailed. I think that all the colors together created really great contrast that mixed in with the designs. At the same time as i looked at the pictures on the artifact i wondered what they mean? What was the owners idea while they created this artifact? I really wanted to find out answers to these questions, but i couldn’t read japanese so i asked my friends to help translate. I found out that the dish didn’t really have a reason for creation, but became popular and then was made for the public. Because this artifact is based on a chinese design it doesn’t really represent so much japanese culture. I looked at some artifacts around the museum that were also based on a chinese design. I could see some similarities in the designs, but they were still different and unique at the same time. I think that this is a great example of how things traveled across the world and the silk road. Because this is artifact was based on a chinese design, but created by a japanese artist. This just shows how other cultures can be taken around the world with travelers and different ways. In modern days all around the world people with different cultures are trying to embrace other cultures.

I also looked at many other artifacts that i took an interest in. For example a sword called the Katana sword . It is a japanese sword from the kanagawa prefecture. The thing that drew my attention was the carved shape to it. This Katana sword is also called the Ki’ko sadamune due to the tortise shell partern. Another artifact that i became interested in after reading some of the information is a old Backgammin Board. I was interested that the backgammon board has lasted so long because we still play this game today. And the designs on the side of the board were really detailed and looked like an Asian design.

Katana sword

I talked about all the connections between the Dish, but i didn’t talk about any connections i saw with other artifacts i looked at. I think that the Backgammon Board is a game that is played all around the world in modern days. It must have traveled through different countries and cultures so now it is a popular game. I really enjoyed our field trip and i got to learn more about japanese and Asian past. I think if you ever need to research about connections between countries or you just want to go to a good museum you should go to Tokyo National Museum.

Chinese tile designs

Ueno Zoo trip



These are all the lines:


わたしの どうぶっは ゾウです。



ゾウは。ほにゃうろで そうしょくです。


Thank you for listening and i hope you enjoyed.

Moviemaking: Shots and angles

In english we have just started our movie making unit. For one of our first exercise we have been working on different angle shots. We were split into different groups of two or three. I was put in a group with Alex. We walked to the roof to start thinking about different angle shots we could use. Alex and I decided to start with taking a picture of the simple angle shots, high and low angle shots. The high angle shot that we took was when i was taking the photo, i stood on top of a picnic table and pointed the camera down on Alex. Alex jumped up from the floor and it looked like an high angle shot. Another simple shot that we took was a low angle shot. It was hard to create this shot because when Alex was taking the photo he couldn’t get down low enough. I had to jump of the picnic tables as high as i could so that the low angle shot would look like that. After we had taken at least two shots in our group we could talk with other groups and work on some angle shots. My group worked with another group, Alina, Ravena and Tomoka where in it. I took a really good shot of Alina’s eye and it was really close!!!

High angle shot

I think that the purpose of this lesson was to learn about different angle shots and when they are used. We tried a lot of different short videos, but we kept having to delete and change them. The angles were not shown very well so we really had to try put the camera on an angle.

High angle shot

This was a good experience for me and the rest of my class because we got to go up to the roof for half a lesson and be able to be creative with a camera. I also think that this is a really good unit because it is not something that our class would usually be able to do so we can learn a lot from this. I cant wait to learn and start doing more.