Body Language


You can see that in this picture of the spice girls reunion that four of them are glad to be there and it looks like  Victoria Beckham isn’t so happy. You can see that by her body language she isn’t so interested.

Body Language

  • Facial Expression: She only has a small smile and her eyes and eye brows are narrowed.
  • Gestures: Her hand is on her hip and the other one is just down beside her.
  • Posture: She is leant to one side showing she does not want to be to close.










This is another picture taken on the same day. Victoria Beckham has the same body language.


Español 7: Hola


Me llamo Rhiannu. Soy de Australia y Wales (Gales).A mi Me gusta montar en bicicleta y mirrar la television los domingos. A mi papa y a nos gusta montar en bicicleta el fin de semana. Me gusta pasar un rato con los amigos el fin de semana. A mis amigas y a mi nos gusta nadar y jugar los sabados y domingos. En la escuela, me gusta pasar un rato con los amigas. También me gusta mi clase de español y clases de teatro. Me gusta comer pizza y helado. No me gusa comer galletas. Tambien me gusta comer fruta. No me gusta beber agua. Me gusta beber refrescos y jugo. Mi amiga Mihaela le gusta montar en bicicleta los sabados. Mi amiga Anna le gusta dibujar, pero mi amiga no le gusta alina. A mi familio y a mi nos gusta jugar y pasear. No me gusta dibujar y hablar por telefono. El lunes me gusta hacer las tareas y estudiar después de la escuela. Los viernes tengo práctica juego. Soy atlético. Yo soy desorganizada. Yo soy un poco artística. Puedo tocar la guitarra y el piano y el clarinete. Mi color favorito es el azul.Tengo doce años. Soy alta. Tengo pelo castaño. Mis ojos son marrones. Tengo los ojos marrones. Gracias y adiós.
















Coat of Arms Project

To start of our year in humanities class we created our own coat of arm. After doing some small research and looking and images i came up with mine.

Brenhines Mawr


I had to add different concepts to my coat of arms. These are the things i had to include my hobby, a favorite place, something to do with my family, future and a strength. I started off with a bunch of flowers a flowing things all around a big triangle. It didn’t turn out so well so i changed it several times. I was quite tight on time so i knew i had to decide what design to use. I put all of them together to create the one above ^.

On the shield i added my hobbies. It divided it into four squares and thought of three hobbies. One is reading so i added a book. The other is music so i added a music note. The third bobbie was playing squash and tennis. The racquet is supposed to represent both. Two of the four square are red and two are white. That represents where i am from and a favorite place, which is Wales because those are the welsh colors. I added an emu to show that i am also from Australia. The dog that i put on there is because one of my favorite animals is dogs. I couldn’t really think of any future plans or strengths so i just thought that maybe i could add that to my hobby. At the bottom of the crest is a scroll strip. On it it says  Brenhines Mawr. It means ‘great queen’. That is what Rhiannon means in welsh and because my name, Rhiannu is similar and might have progressed from Rhiannon. This was a fun project to do at the start of year and i am looking forward to a year of humanities.