My Best Speech Reflection

In drama our recent unit has been speeches  We did two speechs, one of them was a give topic and the other was a chosen topic. We did the chosen topic speech first and the given topic second.

This is my chosen topic speech:

7B Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


Volume- I think that I was loud enough for the people in my class to hear me, but i didn’t have very good projection. If I was presenting to a bigger group of people I would have to be louder and have better projection. Pitch- After I took a short pause I started my sentences with a higher voice and then continued the sentence with a lower pitch. I think that my pitch should have been a bit moe consistent, because this topic was not a very serious topic I didn’t have to change the pitch of my voice frequently. Pace- I think that I had pauses in-between my lines, but I rushed the sentences to much. To slow down my pace I think that I should stay calm and remember to think about what is next so I can set out my speech and know when I want to end. Pause- As I said before when I was commenting on my pace, I used pauses in between my sentences. I could have used pauses more affectively, Example; if I wanted to give a dramatic pause . Projection- Because of the small space that I was presenting my speech in, my projection was ok. I think that if I had to present in a bigger room, then I would need to use projection better and is a skill that I need to develop. Emphasis- In my speech I used a limited amount of emphasis. Emphasising a word helps to show that it is important. If I had used it in my speech I would have been able to show what is important and what is less important.


Posture- Because the video camera is crooked, I cant really tell whether I was also standing crooked. But I think that I kept an uprite position through most of my speech. It is important to stand straight because then you are able to project better. Gesture- I didn’t use enough hand gestures to help describe what I am doing. I touched my hair a few times which was distracting and not necessary. Facial Expression- Through out my whole speech I didn’t have a good amount of change in facial expression. Next time I present a speech I would like to change my facial expression to fit with what I am saying.

One main point that I have to improve on for next time is to try not completely remember it. In my video you can see that I look to the left corner while I am trying to remember it. Over all I think that I gave a good and prepared speech, but could improve on it next time.

This is my given topic speech: 

7B Drama: Given Topic Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think that I did a better job in this speech, which is why this is my best speech.

This speech was my best speech because even though that I made mistakes while I presented it, I used feedback to help improve the details.

Elements we cant live with out!

In science class we have been learning about elements. For this project we had to choose element and research wat it is used for. I used this document to help structure my poster: Science grade 7 Elements Poster

This is My Titanium poster:

Titanium Poster

What are you proud of in your poster?

I think that I included good information and made good points. I did all of the required points. I am really proud about the information I collected because it was really hard to find what titanium was used for that was bad. I also included sources.

If you were able to do this again what would you do?

I think that I would choose what information I would put on my poster more carefully  because I possibly have to much information considering I needed to add a flap. If I could do this project again I would change maybe some of the sources that I used, because they didn’t give me as much information in one.

I hope you enjoyed looking at what I did. Thank you, please comment on my work and give me feedback.