Art Line Drawing Reflection

In Art class our recent unit has been ‘Make your Mark’ and we have been working on our final line drawing for this unit. Our unit question was, ‘How can we communicate visually?’. The significant concept was, ‘Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone’. The line drawing had to be of a picture that we composed digitally using two or more pictures, to create the picture that our line drawing was based on. I used a photo of fields with a fence going through them. I tried to use a picture that clearly had a foreground, middle ground and background.

There were a lot of different techniques that I had to choose from and could use. I tried to pick the techniques that fit my drawing the best. First of all I started by drawing the fence because it was what intersected with the composition of my drawing. As I drew it into the distance I tried to make the lines smaller, but I didn’t hold the pen properly so the lines came out thicker than I anticipated. After I finished the fences, which I also did first because it outlined the grass area, I drew the grass. At the front the lines are thicker and closer together and as the grass is further I tried to make its smaller and more spaced out, for the grass I used stippling, strokes and some small circles. I then drew the hills. I decided to use a different technique from the grass to represent it is further away, but although I used the technique cross hatching I did make it to big so it didn’t look as far away. For the mountains I used long strokes and made it darker in one place than the others. After getting some advice from Mr. Welk I made my sky lighter than the ground. I think that this was a good decisions because it showed the sky was lighter, higher and further away than the ground.

This is one of the first line drawings that I have done and there are a lot of improvements that I could make. I think that next time I need to make sure I am aware of the value of my drawing, to make the items in the back smaller and lighter. I also need to use line techniques that represent and show the objects in a realistic form.

In conclusion I think that this was a good experience, I learnt different line techniques which I can apply to other line drawings that I will do in the future. I think that in this unit my work has improved. I have enjoyed this unit because I have never had the opportunity to do a line drawing and this unit gave me that.