Minecraft theme park Reflection

In Tech class we have recently been working on a project including minecraft. Minecraft is a resource that is helpful to use for some things, but can also be very distracting. For this project we had to create a theme park. We split up into groups and brainstormed themes to use, we had a discussion and decided to use the themes Atlantic, Space, Sky land and Jungle. My groups theme was Jungle and within this theme we all built our own structure. The first stage of this project was to research about minecraft, which really helped me because I don’t know much about minecraft.

To make sure that we knew what kind of assignment we were given and what we needed to succeed  in our groups we created a design specification. This helped me understand exactly what I needed to create. I thought of about 8-10 questions that I could test my self after I created the structure and theme. My structure was a tree top village. These are my questions and answers:

  1. Does my structure apply to the groups theme? Yes, my structure does. It includes jungle vines and jungle wood to make it look like it is in the jungle. I researched some structure’s that are in the jungle and applied it to my own, such as huts. At the beginning  i built some really boring houses, so I changed the structure. Connor (one of my group members) helped me with applying it to our theme and also joining it to the Sky land’s theme so it had a connection somehow.
  2. Is my structure complete? Yes my structure is complete, even though there were some problems with the server crashing.
  3. Is my attraction entertaining? My structure isn’t a roller coaster or a type of ride, but it is still something that is fun to look at and go inside.
  4. Does my structure match my plan? My structure changed a bit while I was in the process of making it, but I then referred back to my original plan and ideas.
  5. Is my structure aesthetically pleasing? I think that it is, because it is simple to look at. I used a pattern of houses on top of the trees.
  6. Is the scale of my structure appropriate? I think that it is, but It looks small compared to the other structures and the big trees that are below it. I think that if I decided to make it any bigger then the village wouldn’t look realistic.
  7. Does my structure have a purpose? I think that my structures purpose is to attract people, to make them want to come to this part of the theme park.
  8. Does my layout fit with the theme? For our section my group decided to use layers around the trees, so to build a layer at the bottom, middle and top. I think that this lay out fits the jungle theme because in the jungle there are vines hanging from high places and there are objects higher and lower.
  9. Is the location of my structure appropriate? I had to create a tree top village, so I decided to create it on top of some high trees. At first the location was fine, but them we noticed that the skyland were building lower because of the height limit. I had to think if I should move my structure, but instead I decided to adjust it.
I think that I could have improved my structure by adding some more houses. I created a bridge to connect the trees and added some houses on one bridge. I think that I only added house on one side and to create a village I should have added more village houses on the other sides. I created a pattern of using the same kind of  hut on top of three trees, and that might be boring to look at so I could have improved them and added something different in each thing. Inside each house I didn’t really add anything, I could have added somethings inside or some trap doors that lead to different places.
For this project we used a Design Cycle, this helps us get through this project by telling us the guidelines of what to do. For the investigate stage I followed the steps carefully and made sure that I added all the necessary information. I think that I did well in that stage. In the plan stage I didn’t understand it as well and I didn’t think enough about the time given. What I wrote down for the plan stage needed to be something that we were going to use for the create stage and I did write the outline of what we need to do, but I could have added more information which would have made it easier in the create stage. In the create stage I found it difficult to keep up with my plan and my group. I was in a group with Connor, Eddie and Taro. They all know how to use minecraft and I had to learn some skills from them to complete the work. In the create stage we needed to follow our plan and my whole group was behind on the plan, because the trees were a big problem with height and location. This reflection is for the evaluation part of the design cycle. I think that I have wrote about the process of this project and the overall weaknesses  strengths, problems and solutions that we had.
Overall I have really enjoyed this project. I think that it was a great opportunity to learn some new minecraft skills, which will help me in further projects. My group was really good at working together and completing the work that was needed. We also helped each other when it was necessary and we did equal amounts of work. I would like to do a project like this again!
These are the pictures of the final minecraft project: