How to Make a Good Question

In Humanities class our unit is about religion, our recent project included creating our own research question. We had different steps that made creating the question easier. We all looked at the significant concept which was:  The major global belief systems have all shared in sharing most important cultural, artistic, and social achievements. We wrote as many questions as we could in a period of about 5-10 minutes, write down any questions that come to your head even if they are bad ones. After this we went through all our questions and chose the best, this was still a big amount of questions so we had to pick the three best questions out of all of those ones. We then created a table with the three questions, that rated their interest level, high-level and answerable level. This is the table I created:

After creating this you can see what areas of the questions are not so great. Looking at the table we improved the questions and then added up the points for each one to see which was the best and most importantly researchable. Following this is really helpful to create a good question.