Persuasive Speech Reflection

In drama our unit has been about persuasive speaking. Our assignment was to create and present a speech that would attempt to convince the audience of your topic. In class we did a lot of small tasks building up to the main assessment, the speech. These tasks helped us gain skills so that we could improve and develop a speech. My topic was: Smoking Kills, my aim was to convince the audience that it is bad to smoke. This is the final video:

8A Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

During my speech I tried to keep a steady volume, and think that I succeeded. To emphasis something the volume, pitch and projection should change. Most of my speech had the same amount of importantness, so I didn’t need to change my volume and projection. I was loud enough so that I was clear, and I was able to project to the audience. The first word I said was loud, so I lowered my projection and adjusted to the distance between me and the audience. In most of my speeches I speed up my pace, because i’m nervous, but I was able to control my nerves and slow my pace down. It was still fast, but clear to understand. I didn’t do very well in pausing after each sentence. Because my speech was very factual, I should have paused between each fact so that the audience had time to absorb the information. If I had a steadier pace my speech would have reached the minimum time, instead it was three seconds off three minutes.

At the very beginning of the speech I started at the wrong part, so I smiled and tried to start again, but this was the only time that I smiled because my speech was a serious topic. I didn’t fidget with my hands because I was holding palm cards, because I usually fidget. However I did shift from side to side. It wasn’t too often, but I presume it was distracting for the audience. I should have held my palm cards in one hand, but I used both hands, so that I didn’t have a hand to use hand gestures. I looked at my palm cards to much. this is because I didn’t completely memorise my speech beforehand, and if I had memorised it, it would have been easier to present. Because I was looking at my palm cards too much, I didn’t make much eye contact with the audience, so I didn’t engage them.

The content of my speech supported what I was trying to persuade; don’t smoke because it is bad for your health. I structured my speech so that I had three sub-topics, with reasons on them. My sub-topics were, how smoking affects your looks, how smoking affects your body and what kind of medical conditions does smoking cause. I used my tone so that I was making a statement and it didn’t sound like a question. My speech contained facts that backed up what I was trying to persuade.┬áMy best skill was finding information and using my sources effectively because I was able to find one website that provided information for almost my whole speech. I should improve on my posture, eye contact and use of palm cards because it is one of the things that affects the audiences engagement, and that is really important for my speech to be successful.

8A Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Another speech which was captivating was Aruna’s, her speech is the video above. Her tone was very persuasive and she added comment’s to persuade you to not eat Mc. Donald’s. She was able to use hand gestures to express her reasons to the audience. This means that she didn’t have to look at her hand gestures so much. Her movement at first showed some sought of enthusiasm, but became distracting, however it was also easy to get engaged with her contact considering it was vert interesting.