Letter to 6th Grade Self

Dear mini Rhiannu,

First of all be prepared that at the end of each year you will be told you are moving, and you eventually do. In these three years of middle school I could have done sooo much more, so actually do some activities that you will enjoy because I know you won’t do it cause no one else is. Put yourself in a group of friends that you are actually comfortable in, it is so much nicer to spend middle school that way. At first middle school may seem way too different from primary, and yes it is different, but in a way also better. Don’t get so stressed and uptight about work, especially grades, keep them to yourself and you can say if someone asks or if it is in a conversation. But stay in school. Also, don’t be so afraid of singing in front of people it is actually fun. On the topic of that, go find Alina (who will soon be your best friend) and suggest to make a youtube channel with her and use mum’s camera.  I am also expecting you to still listen to Arctic Monkeys, but go look up IM5, The Vamps, Panic At The Disco, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, 5 seconds of summer (especially 5SOS) and just look up a bunch of other music with Alina. Convince your sister’s favorite member to not be yours, because it will cause arguments. 6th grade was an extremely fun year and you will enjoy it a lot, if you just keep these things in mind it will make 6th grade even better. Honestly I don’t want to tell you anything bad that has happened or mistakes, cause they are important. So just keep being 6th grade Rhiannu 🙂 and prepare for future MAJESTICNESS.


Future Rhiannu


Copyright Reflection

A lot of people use different music, but copyright laws are important. Legally your only allowed to use 30 seconds of music or 10 percent, if its more you are then breaking this rule. Copyright last for around the 70 year period after the artist dies, also including when they are alive, this is only if the work has been published after 1977. I think that this is an acceptable amount of time to use music from other people. A lot of people create covers and mashups and that is usually borrowing all of the song. Also a lot of music is inspired by other songs and even sometimes uses the same chord progression. I do agree with this being the appropriate amount of time to use, but it is also very hard to just use this small amount of music because sometimes more is necessary. I think that you should be able to borrow music as long as you give credit to the artist, composer and publisher. I know that in some interviews artists talk about where they got their inspirations from, but this still isn’t very clear. There is some problems with crediting artists that are unknown, because it is hard to get information. There is also the problem with the original author not wanting their song to be used again or for commercial purposes and especially if they are not credited. It is respectful to ask the artist if you can use their song, but it is hard and sometimes almost impossible to get their email accounts or even if you just try connect with them with social medias they may not respond or they may respond to late. Overall, the process of borrowing music can be a pain, but it is something that could be worth it. In class I created a music mashup of three songs, because it was for educational purposes I didn’t follow these rules so thoroughly.

Music Mashup

In this unit I have been creating a mashup of three songs. To create a mashup it is important that the tempo, pitch and key are the same. I chose to play both instruments I included (piano and guitar) and also sing the little amount of lyrics I decided to include. Because I chose not to do it digitally it was easier for me The first song I chose was Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, composed by Jake Gosling, Chris Leonard and Ed sheeran and the record label is Warner Music Group. The second song I used was Heartbreak girl by 5 seconds of summer, composed by Calum Hood,  Luke Hemmings, Steve Robson and Lindy Robbins.  The last song I used was Say Something by A Great Big World, composed by Ian Axel, Chad Vaccarino and Mike Campbell and published by Dan Romer. This is the mp3 of my final song:

I actually originally got this idea from a mashup me and my friend Alina created recently. It involves the same songs, but has a different arrangement. This is the video:


I was also in Sam’s mashup video and I play the guitar for her and helped arrange some of the things, but she also helped me. This is the video: