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Hi My name Is Rhiannu. I am the owner/creator of this blog. I was born In

Australia and lived there most of my life. Even though I was born In Australia Part of my nationality’s Is British. I have lived In a few places like Australia [Perth], England [London], Scotland [Aberdeen] and now I live In Japan [Yokohama]. Japan Is completally different to all the other places I have lived In. I like Japan because all the people are really nice and Japan Is safer then the other countries I have lived In so I have more freedom. I go to a School called Yokohama International School. I have a lot of nice friends.

One of my hobbies Is swimming. I started swimming when I was really little. I started swimming lessons when I was . At my old school In Australia during the summer we would take swimming lessons. It was part of our school physical education. I also took swimming lessons out side of school. Sometimes they were after school In a Indoor swimming pool or on the weekends outdoor In the ocean. The reason I like swimming Is because It Is a way that I relax and have fun.

I am learning how to create and Improve my blog. I use this blog to present my school work. I also would like my viewers to comment on my work. I would especially apriciate If I could have feedback on my blog.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog. I can not wait to read more.
    I am a PE teacher from Ohio. I am head of our PE department. I can not wait to share your blog with the rest of the PE staff. Thank you for sharing.
    Mrs. Gretchen Jessel

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