Teachers of the Future: Create Reflection

In tech class we were assigned a project, to create a tutorial. The project had four sections investigate, plan, create and evaluate. Each section helps through the progress of each step until the final tutorial. There are also different parts to each section that tell you step by step the ways to complete this section and to get top marks. I think that all these four sections have helped me in all my projects so i am going to share the ones made for this project (except for the evaluate because we are still the process of completing that section):

Teachers of the future: Investigate

Teachers of the future: Plan

Teachers of the future: Create

We still have to complete our evaluate stage, but this process has helped me complete my final tutorial. I have learnt a lot from creating my final tutorial. I have always wanted to be able to know techniques on the computer to edit movies. When I was creating my tutorial i found out how to fast forward parts of clips you don’t need, how to add tradition, audio, music, when you need to add tittles and etc… All these things will be really helpful for further projects. I have been trying to figure out these different techniques i also needed them to create and edit my tutorial. The main thing creating this tutorial has helped me with is helping others. If my tutorial can be useful to just one person it means that i have learnt something about helping and that is a skill that will be useful for when i get older. I also learnt about what makes a good tutorial. I used the class criteria, looked at other tutorials created by people i don’t know and people i do.

Throughout this project and process of creating my own tutorial i have learnt a lot. Because of all these things i have learnt i think that they really helped me create a good tutorial. I am really happy with my tutorial, but i could still improve on a few things. I think that my tutorial turned out well because i tried different things such as what themes would suit my tutorial better, the music and if it would be clear. Something that really helped me to improve my tutorial and to finish creating my finale one is Ms. Cofino’s and other students advice. In my first draft tutorial i didn’t revise on anything i talked about in my tutorial so Ms. Cofino asked me to think of something to help the viewers understand what i was talking about. I created a pop quiz at the end so that the tutorial viewers would hopefully remember what i have just been talking about. I feel like that i made a clear and understandable tutorial so i am proud of that.

While creating my tutorial i found a few things difficult and easy. One thing that i found difficult was when i couldn’t transfer my video from my camera to the computer. My computer said that the camera plug in was the wrong one, but i had already used the exact same plug on my computer before. I had to go through a lot of passwords to import my videos on my camera. The only thing that i had to do was change some settings. I had trouble with some things that were related to technology. I became frustrated when my computer heated up and the internet connection slowed down. One thing that was easy was as soon as i figured out imovie, i could edit my movie really easily and change different aspects of my tutorial. Especially adding titles voice over recordings, music audio and consistent themes. I used to think that creating a tutorial would be really hard and pointless, but after actually creating a tutorial i realized i was wrong and that most of the steps you must do are easy.

I think that the three main criteria i meet is repetition, staying on topic and good quality. At the very end of my tutorial i added a pop quiz to make sure that the tutorial viewers would understand. It is a good opportunity to get them to look back at my tutorial again to get the answers and to review. Through out my whole tutorial i think that i stayed on topic really well. I focused on the main topic, music theory, mainly by giving advice and examples. I think that it is important to make sure that you don’t go off topic because then the audience and you will loose purpose of what you were talking about. After i watched my own tutorial i thought about the quality. I worked really hard to make sure that the quality of my work was good. First of all i made sure i used a good camera so the quality would be good when i imported it to the computer. I also wanted to make sure that my grammar and my speech was good enough quality for my tutorial. I think that because i filmed most of my tutorial with pen and paper i had to use a clear marker. I think that the voice overs that i did are good quality because i couldn’t hear any background noises.

There was another step between the create and reflect stage called the Analyze stage. In the Analyze stage you are supposed to look at others work. In this situation i had to look at three others students blogs that had there own tutorial that they created on it. I looked at three people from different classes tutorial 6B,6A & 6C, one from each class. I looked at Mihaela’s, Tomoka’s and Marina’s blog. I really enjoyed looking at their tutorials because i got a perspective of different types of tutorials. From Mihaela’s tutorial i learnt how to draw a real eye. I learnt from her process. She showed me he first draft because she wanted some feedback. I could see that from her draft to final project that she had followed some of my feedback well. I also learnt from your tutorial that it is important to add titles and subtitles as you did because sometimes you don’t always see the main subject of what they are talking about. While watching Tomoka’s tutorial i learnt about science safety. I liked how she gave examples for to teach a lesson. Tomoka used different things to show these examples. A book, a glass and she listed some other things as well. I like at the very start of her tutorial when there is a bubbling sound, it makes it sound like something is sizzling and about to explode. It created a theme and so did the consistent titles. I have learnt a lot of ways to improve my tutorial and i really want to use those ideas next time i create a tutorial.

I still think that there are some other things I could do and learn to make my tutorial even better. I could think of new ways that would make my tutorial more presentable. If I did every thing on the computer it might have been easier to create because i wouldn’t of had to import and export different things from all over the place. If i wanted to do this i would have to learn how. I would like to learn it in tech class because i also think it would be helpful to others. I also needed to learn how to record over your own voiceover, but not all of it.

This my final tutorial: Help with Music Theory

I really enjoyed making my tutorial because it was a new experience for me. I think that you should try and make a tutorial because it is a great way to help others and a very good way to do something new. I am really proud of myself because this project has been really long and i have worked hard so i feel like i have accomplished something. I learnt a lot from this project not just from others, but also from myself.

My Tutorial: Help with Music Theory

This my final tutorial: Help with Music Theory

This tutorial covers the basic steps to music theory. You will learn how to memorize notes, draw the notes, and about different types of notes and rests. It is important that you follow step by step so you can understand basic music theory. I hope that this tutorial helps you get started with music theory.

Teachers of the future: plan reflection

I have just been completing the plan stage of the design cycle. This project is about making a tutorial. I am creating mine about music theory. I want to try and help people who need help with music theory. Before I can make my tutorial I need to plan. That’s what I have been doing so far. For the plan stage there are four sections. Design, Outline, Plan and Reflect.

This was a storyboard I created to hep my final product, tutorial.

In the Design part of the plan stage I completed a storyboard. The storyboard gave me a rough idea of what I am going to do. I figured out the transitions, time of the clip, titles and more. As I was making my storyboard i learnt that it matters about the details that were used in each clip. Without them It would be a little bit hard to follow directions. With them you can understand how much detail there is in each clip. I think that my storyboard shows a good tutorial design because I put pictures that described the clip and what will be in it. I only put one picture in each box so that it is clear to understand. My plan shows how I have outlined the important parts of creating a tutorial by listing what i think is the major parts of creating a tutorial and explaining how i should complete the task, but in my own type of way. In my tutorial I think that I stayed in topic and on subject because every thing I say is related to the main subject. When I wanted to give advice I had to make sure that It was related to the main subject. I noticed that in some other tutorials I looked at the person who was telling them went of topic and that made me lose concentration and i couldn’t figure out what to do, so it is important that i stay on topic. I think that In this Plan stage I especially did the planing well, because I took my time to decide the steps. I made them simple and easy to understand. One of the things I think my tutorial shows a good design of, is how simple my steps are. Making sure that my tutorial is simple is really important because i want the viewers to be able to read and understand my tutorial as much as possible. I think that I have done this, I have made the detail points simple.

This Is part of the storyboard called the outline that i completed for each clip:

I think that I should have made my plan and story template more ensuring that the viewer will be able to learn this skill i am telling them and hopefully they will succeed. To Improve on ensuring how the viewer can succeed I should add more advice that would fit into the tutorial. It might be challenging at some parts of my tutorial to add ensuring skills because It might not be believable. I want the viewers who are looking at my tutorial to be able to feel confident that they can succeed in what i am trying to tell them and teach them. I think that if I was taking my own tutorial I would be able to follow it, but i think that there should have been more advice. I should add more advice to my tutorial and I should change some things so it is a easy tutorial. When I am filming and practicing my tutorial I can use expressions and hand gestures to help explain my tutorial even more.

This is the plan that I completed to help me with my deadlines:

I have learnt a lot of ways to make an efficiant tutorial, but i think that there are still more things that I can learn to have a great tutorial. One thing that I would like to know is something that is related to technology. On imovie there are a lot of cool special effects that you can use. When I use them they would make my tutorial look professional and more efficiant, but i don’t want to spend five minutes putting some extra edits [special effects] in my tutorial. To make things quicker and so i have more time and time is not wasted I would like to learn some short cuts. Another thing that i think would be important to learn. I would like to learn about how you can use a plan more efficiently.

I have just recently written up a plan template. I think that the plan template will help me space out the work that I have to do and i have deadlines to help we work. Through out the plan stage I think that I have been improving. I think that the plan stage has helped me improve on planing. In the next stage I can use all the planning that I have created to build my way up to my final tutorial.

Teachers of the Future! Investigate Reflection

In technology class we have been researching/looking at tutorials. One of our assignments was to choose our favorite tutorial from our tutorial research sheet. Then we had to look at other students blogs, who did the same assignment, and comment on them. I commented on my friends Aruna and Marinas blog post. After watching these two videos I picked up some Important tips, techniques, skills, advice etc… One of the most Important things that I learned that made a difference In both videos was pace. In the tutorial I watched on Aruna’s blog I felt that It was quite hard to understand some of the steps on “how to draw Liffy” [the name of her favorite tutorial] because of the pace. I think that It went too fast because I couldn’t understand the steps enough to actually draw Liffy, however I also think that It was a good tutorial because of the way that the tutorial was made. I think that I learned a lot from Marinas tutorial because It was so clear and easy to understand. I think that It was a clever idea that the person who created this video made the background completely white so there were no distractions. In Marinas favorite tutorial, “How to cut a pineapple”, I could understand every word the lady said and follow the steps.

Every single time we do the Investigate part of a project It Is usually the most helpful [for me]. For this project the Investigate part was a research sheet. I looked at three tutorials and they were all different. They were also different styles. One of them was a video of a lady explaining how to write a song. She used a whiteboard which made It easier to understand In case I missed something. The second one was a written tutorial. I don’t that It was as good as the first one because of the absence of detail. The third tutorial I looked at was my favorite. It was on the same topic as all the others, song writing, but it still seemed to stand out. I think that I liked  it so much because it include things the other tutorials didn’t. They included some very important steps that made a difference, like feedback, listening to different types of music, finding your style and asking for different opinions. After reviewing all three tutorials I realized that they were all different but had some of the same Important details. They were all clear to understand but not all the time, they all had advice to help, they also all had a nice way of presenting there tutorial etc… All of the techniques and skills I have learned can help me with the tutorials that I will be creating In the future. By looking at the tutorials you can see how you can use what you have learnt and put it into your own tutorial.






Part of this project was a practice tutorial. I created mine about how to export a podcast to an mp3. This Is one of the first tutorials I have ever attempted so If you could give me some tips or advice to help me Improve. This Is my practice tutorial:

There are a lot of different types of tutorials. There can be videos, audio recording, written tutorials etc… The tutorial that I chose as my favorite and the one that I made in my practice tutorial has numerous amounts of differences. First of all the way the tutorials are presented Is different, one of the tutorials is a slide show the other is video. I think that what makes them especially different Is that the tutorial I looked at is longer, so they used more detail, It has important recognized things that I have to do to improve on my next tutorial. I think that we will be learning how to use the skills that we have learned in tech class, It will also be helpful.

My favorite tutorial: How to write a song

Hi everyone. This Is a link to my favorite tutorial: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Song\

In my tech class we have been looking at tutorials. I wrote all this down on my Rhiannu 6B Tutorial Research sheet. I looked at three tutorials all about song writing. We had to chose one. I decided to choose the very last tutorial I looked at. I chose It because It was the most clear tutorial I looked at. I liked how they had steps 1,2,3,4… etc. At the end of the written tutorial there was a video of the tutorial above but In video form. This was really helpful because I could see all of the examples so It was easier to understand. I like this tutorial a lot better than all the others because It was the only one that mentioned some really Important things about song writing such as Feedback, setting a mood, Inspiration… etc. It was easier for me to look at a written tutorial than a video because I could take my time to look at everything.

Becoming A Blogger Create Reflection

When we finished designing and planing our blogs we created them. We created an about me page. I didn’t know what to write. I looked at my teachers blog and my friends. I used some of the Ideas from their blog but then I made It original. I also came up with some of my own Ideas. I wrote about my nationality’s, where I have lived and my hobbies. Before we started the reflection [this Is the reflection] we had to make our navigation menu clear. We also had a list of widgets that the class needed to add to our sidebar.

I started off with a theme called color splash. It was a lot like my blog design that I created on the A4 size of paper. I changed the theme because It was hard for me too use. I couldn’t add any widgets and It was hard to find my pages. I changed my theme to the theme called Notepad because It Is easy to edit and change. The theme Isn’t like my blog design on the A4 sheet of paper but I think that the Notepad theme shows my personality. I like this theme because I can find all my work easily. It Is easier to edit and change. My parents were looking and my blog with the theme color splash and they had trouble looking for all of my work. Then I decided to change my theme. I asked them to look at it again because I changed my theme and they said that It was definatly a more clear blog design.

On my blog I have a lot of my school work. Related to technolagy class I think that I have done a good job on the reflections. I had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out how to edit the widgets but then we worked on It In class and I figured out an easier way. I think that I have linked my pictures and some words well.

I think that I have created/edited my blog well. I think that I should add some more media In my posts. Especially video’s. I like my blog theme but I think that I should change some fonts to make it easier to read. Because my background Is a little bit complex with all the colors I should add some more pictures to make a post stand out.

This create unit was really quick. I think that there  would be a lot more to learn In the create unit. I would like to continue learning more about creating a blog .

Becoming A Blogger Plan/ Design Reflection

We started off brainstorming Ideas for our blog. The we started to plan and design our blog. One of the first activities was to plan and design our blog. We had to design three blog pages on a A4 size paper. We were told to design a blog page that represented our personality. The next lesson that we had we were assigned partners. We had to look at each others designs and see which one Is a better blog and If It suits their personality.

The theme that I chose for my blog Is called color splash. I chose the theme because It Is colorful and my blog page design was also colorful. This theme Is really cool but It doesn’t have any widgets and the sidebar Is on the wrong side. I think that you can fix that. I want the theme on my blog to show my personality. I also think that when people look at  your blog you need to have an Interesting blog theme so that they will keep looking around on your blog. I might need to change the theme I am using because the background Is like my blog page design but the widgets and sidebar Is completely different.

We filled out a second sheet of paper called how to grow a blog. This sheet of paper was about writing down our thoughts and what we have learnt. I think that I achieved my goals and still need to achieve some.

How to grow a blog

How to grow a blog

One thing that I would like to learn Is how to change your theme a little bit. In class we might learn this but If not I could ask a friend who knows. In class we will learn more ways to Improve our  blog. We have learnt a lot during this unit. Technology class Is really helpful because In all the other classes we use our blogs and In tech we get taught that.