Through out my first year of middle school i have learnt about some interesting things that can help me with my work. I think this year you can see that i have progressed and so has my work. At the start of the year i still didn’t really know what to do then I found out ways to make middle schools easier and i was able to finish my work on time and productively work in clases. I still think that i can improve in some things at school, but i decided to share with you some of my proudest pieces of work. These are work that i worked really hard on. At the very start of the year we made two goals, i think that it will be a good idea to share them with you sop you can see the process of me improving.

Here are two goals that I made:

1. I want to get better and concentrate In math
2. I want to participate In more after school activities

How am I progressing with goal 1.

I usually don’t get very good scores In math so I want to improve on It. My dad is good at math so he wants me to try get better but I do as well. I could Improve by studying more and asking for a bit more help. I think that have improved in my first goal by reading the math questions better. I have started to study more because it should improve my scores. I can also memorize math strategies and skills. On my last assessment task in math i have improved a bot. I think this is due to the fact that i might have changed my attitude.

How I am progressing with goal 2.

I like doing a lot of sports because it is a way to help me keep active. I want to sign up for activities that o like. I can sign up and achieve these with my dads help because he does a lot of activities. Other people can also help. For my second goal i have been look at after school activities to start In the next semester. I have also asked some of my friends about there opinions on what I should do.. I think i might start basket ball next semester.

These are the piece of work that i am proud of:


A piece of work that I am most proud of Is my early humans museum. I enjoyed creating this piece of work and I worked really hard to gather all the Information and credit everything. I think that this work shows my process in learning because i have never worked on anything like this before and i worked hard to achieve a good grade and to become proud of this certain piece of work. I tried to research extra things so that the piece of work was really good. I think that it highlights the areas that i could improve on and how well i have also done. I could improve on where i find my research and how i notate it.

In humanities we have been working on a project, but it hasn’t been graded. The assignment was to create a National geographic long lost civilization. I think that this work shows my ability to use my Imagination. I created a civilization called Minaraia. It is a civilization ruled by women and girls because i think that it would be time that the women and girls get to be in charge. In some real civilizations women and girls are not allowed to drive or they must wear long skirts and more just because of there gender. This is why i wanted the women and girls to have the privileges In Minaria. I really am enjoying creating this piece of work because it is a way to be creative and express my ideas that i have had after completing the recent work before that. Because this piece of work hasn’t been graded yet and i have finished it i would like some feedback on it. Maybe about how i could make more realistic information and or pictures. This is My Minarian Civilization.


Another piece of work that i am proud of is my math work. The piece of work that i completed i was graded on the Investigating patterns, Communication in Mathematics and Reflection in Mathematics.I think that this show an Improvement in maths. I think that i had improved because of reading the questions better and concentrating. In most of my other tests i didn’t concentrate and focus on one question taking my time. Recentely I have and i think that it improved my grades.



A piece of work that i have completed recently is a performance reflection in P.E. I really enjoyed creating the gymnastics performance, but it was also helpful for me to reflect on it because i was able to notice my mistakes and all the things that i did well. It was important for me to watch the video of our performance because i need to get used to commenting on my own work. This is my P.E gymnastics performance reflection with a video of my actual performance.



One of the pieces of work that i am most proud of is my evaluate reflection. I think that i am most proud of this work because i added all the different things that i learnt and put them together to create the best evaluate reflection i could. You may think that this reflection was just a blog post, but instead we created a video. I had already done this before so i knew what to do, but this time i wanted to make it the best i could and improve from the video reflection i did before. To improve i added most of the things we had just learned in class. I used sub-tittles and voice overs to make sure everything was clear . I also tried my best to challenge myself. I enjoyed creating my Teachers of the future: evaluate video reflection and i hope you have a chance to watch it.



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