Media Fair Write-Up

Adina's poster on Animal Testing
Adina’s poster on Animal Testing

About the Media Fair

On the Eighth of June, 2016, Grade 10 students conducted a media fair in the classrooms of M302 and M303. The purpose of this event was to show how different forms of media can portray the same topic differently, and to analyse the portrayal of the individually chosen topic in that media. Occurring in the first block of the day, and in the second-to-last block, this event analysed numerous topics, from Plus-Sized Models, to Animal Testing.

Some of the Topics chosen

The topic of Plus-Sized Models was explored by Margot. She explored the portrayal of plus-sized models in a variety of media, from advertisements, to movie posters, even to Youtube Public Service Announcements. She showed how the portrayal of plus-sized models, on the most part was quite positive, as many forms of media used them to help make women feel that they do not have to be extraordinarily skinny to look beautiful. However, there was one source that portrayed the topic negatively, as it blamed Plus-sized models for a variety of issues. However, considering that the vast majority of portrayals were positive, it is likely that this source was merely an outlier.

The topic of Video Game Violence was chosen by Peter. Studying sources such as news articles, tweets, even pictures from the internet. He showed how the portrayal of the topic was primarily divided into two opinions. Either that it causes violence, or it doesn’t. Peter’s information was highly interesting, as his sources showed very strong signs that violence in gaming does not cause violence, though some of his more opinionated sources disagreed. His sources also showed that they desensitised individuals to scenes of violence. In the end, he concluded that it was likely that violence in video games did not cause violence.

Caycee chose the topic of “Happa”, or mixed-blood japanese. She analysed sources such as documentaries, posters, even blog posts. She showed how the common portrayal of mixed-blood japanese were that they to become celebrities, and looked more foreign than Japanese. She showed through several sources that this was not the case, as many just led normal lives (contrary to public opinion). She also showed that despite the rose-tinted public impression of half-japanese, they were often bullied at school. Despite all of this, efforts are being made to create a more realistic impression of them, and to dispel some of the stereotypes.

Ayana chose the topic of the Columbine Shooters. Her chosen sources ranged from the Washington post, to Social Media, even to Interviews. One of the more unexpected results that she showed was that there are a significant amount of people who sympathise with the shooters. There was also a mixed opinion on whether or not they were bullied, or were bullies themselves. Many have sort of raised them to be misunderstood individuals, while others still consider them killers. It was particularly interesting when she showed how some even fantasised about the Columbine Shooters.

In Conclusion…

The media fair was highly informative, as the topics explored were vast and varied, and explored them in an increasingly varied combination of media. While I could not see all of the posters, the ones I did see, were highly informative, very interesting, and explored multiple opinions on the chosen topics. Overall, I felt that most, if not all of the posters were excellently made, and accurately represented various media.

8C Drama: Persuasive Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

This is the persuasive speech I did for drama recently. During the speech, I was supposed to work on modulation, physicality, and content. I think I did well on content, as the data contained within was extensively researched. My topic was to persuade people not to build a nuclear reactor on the Yokohama Bluff. Might I make the point that this was simply an project, and was not presented to actual nuclear power companies. My modulation, however was sub-par. My volume and projection resulted in me being virtually unheard by the camera, yet my pacing rendered the presentation easier to understand. My physicality, was somewhat average, as my posture was normal, my palm card use was rather overt, and my facial expression rather bland. My strong points in this presentation lie in the research conducted, and the weak points lie in my vocal modulation.

Allez viens en Arles

A: keywords

arènes romains, musée, les festivals traditionnel


B: sightseeing

Event                                Location                                  Description

Le theatre antique    rue des cloître                       Ancient roman open-air theatre

Musée Réattu             rue des grand prieuré       Famous art gallery located in Arles.

La fete de la musique            N/A                            A festival of music, described as a wandering concert.


C Regional cuisine

Name of dish                                                                                  Main ingredients

Gigot d’agreau de lait braise aux petit oignons                leg of lamb,  onions, tomatos

Salade fraîche  d’été                                                                       tomatos, cucumbers

Soup de fèvettes                                                                             beans, onions


D Famous

1. son non (their name): Vincent van Gogh

2. où il a habité (where did they live): Arles

3. quand il a habité (when did they live): lived in arles from 1888 to 1889 raison de sa célébrité (why are they famous): Vincent van Gogh created some of the most famous paintings in the world.


E 5 new french words and their meaning

1.romaines (romans)

2. sauvages (wild)

3.traditionnel (traditional)

4. amphithéâtres (amphitheaters)

5. endroit (place)

Best books of 2013

I have read several books this year, and I have to admit, I have found a book which I truly love. Though many would not like it, as it is a graphic novel, I find that this book is marvelous. First released in comic form in 1986 in comic form, this book has since been released  in movie form and has spawned several prequel stories. I am, of course, referring to the extremely influential masterpiece by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen. Despite the fact that it is rather old, it outclasses anything I have read this year. It’s blend of action and mystery, with significant amounts of symbolism.

Next year, I intend on re-reading Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter’s novel, “The Long Earth” and begin reading its sequel, “The Long War”. I have truly enjoyed Terry Pratchett’s Diskworld series, and I am looking forward to this new series.

the cover of Watchmen
the cover of The Long Earth
The cover of The Long War