cross country practice 4

This practice was a week ago. my time was 20:23, 1 second later than my best time. My goals have been changed to:

1: complete 2 laps of negishi park in 19 minutes 59 seconds at worst. I personally hope to brake 18 minutes.

2: Complete first goal by not stopping, not walking, and not looking back. In other words, keep a steady pace and ignore others. I wrote the “ignore others” part because other people’s speed is not my concern. It is theirs. My concern is my speed/total time.

1 lap of Negishi park is 1.3 kilometers, however middle school does 2 laps so we run 2.6 kilometers. The time the PE department wants us to run is under 20 minutes. 19 minutes 59 seconds counts, but I want to run faster (see goal 1).

What I think about field studies

What I expect to do on field studies, is have fun, and do everything that is on the list of things to do. I think the canoeing will be most fun because, well, I like canoeing. To be honest I do not know about what we will learn. I am really nervous about everything to do with field studies. please look at this photo to see where we will go. I also know that we must collect something to do with nature for english class.

Drama Unit 1 improv

Significant Concept: Responding to an external stimulus, one needs to have immediate action where there is a suspension of thought.

Guiding Question: How can I stop hesitating and re-act without thinking?

Summative Task: Improv Theatre Sport
Students will engage in summative Improv Theatre Sport Event. 3 theater sport games will be chosen from 6 theater games practised during the unit. Students are divided in 3 teams. Each student has a sheet with rubric to record the minimum of 2 games joined.

•Be aware of dramatic instinct.
•The importance of the ensemble.

• Making an offer
• Accepting offers
• Giving the stage to others
• Move the action on (advancing)
• Creating a location

PE cross country practice 1


Today we did a cross country practice. I was soaked with sweat and un-filtered water (of course there’s water! it was raining). My time was 20 minutes 22 seconds.

My goal: I want to beat my time by 23 seconds at minimum.

My “how to do it” goal: I will not stop/slow down as much, I will keep a faster, more steady pace, and I will be somewhere under 10 minutes at halfway.

My hometown in Japanese. No translation available. Sorry.

ぼくのしゅしんちはよこはまです。横浜はきれいだと思います。でも、元町の近くの川はとってもくさいです。横浜のみなとみらいのランドマークタワーで物をかいます。元町中華街駅から渋谷駅へいきます。渋谷から新宿までいったら、キノクニヤまでいける。みなとみらいのコレットマーレにもいきます。キノクニヤは本屋さんです。日本大通のスターバックスにいきます。このスターバックスの飲み物はおいしいです。横浜の焼き肉やの一つはとってもおいしいです。僕の学校は15分でいきます。横浜のソゴーの9回で合気道のクラスがあります。このクラスの中に3人がいます。1つはぼくです。ぼくは合気道本部度所にかわる可能性がある。ぼくは本部の子供のシニアークラスにいきます。ぼくは元町のチャーミングセールはだいきらいです。ぼくは込んでるところは大嫌いです。横浜駅は込んでいます。ぼくの部屋のなかに紙で作った物がいっぱいあります。ぼくのいえの座標は 35°26’37.17”N 139°38’51.79” Eです。これはグーグルアースで調べました。グーグルアースはパソコンの一つのアプリケーションです。グーグルアースは3Dのちずのアプリケーションです。ぼくの学校はY.I.Sです。この作文を書くのはきついです。人はうるさいですから。

my blog investigation stage research

At the beginning, we researched about successful blogs. To make an personalized blog I will make category’s with the widget and put almost everything on my brainstorm (paper modeling, school stuff, books, armour) on my blog. I will use the design cycle to plan my blog and I will use a simple font thingy. I believe wholeheartedly that you need an organised blog (not too many widgets, easy to locate, no bright flashing lights which hurt your eyes, stuff like that) or no one will be able to find anything. It also has to be appropriate for school and all ages because nobody wants to read a blog with too much scientific jargon in, and no youngster wants to read about inappropriate things like medieval torture and things like that. Links to blog topics are vital to prove you are not spreading lies. If you don’t, don’t blame me if you get lynched (joke. No offence intended. I’m sure no one would want to lynch you like the scientist who got lynched by respectable scientists in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy”. I am sure no respectable scientists will go to your house with the hangman’s noose because they don’t like a smart alec (No disrespect intended. No offence intended.).