New Terminator model

 This is my T-800 model which is made entirely out of silver paper, a huge amount of tape, and a tiny bit of red paper. Based on the terminator in “Terminator Salvation” , This model was only constructed recently. This took approximately 1-2 hours to build. More to come.

PE cross country work

Date Location/route Laps Time Feelings
october 5, 2011 Negishi 2 20:22 This cross country run was easier than the second. It felt nice, but unpleasant at the same time.
october 7, 2011 Negishi 2 20:33 This cross country run was slower, even though I did the same things as the first. I still don’t know why.
october 12 Negishi 2 21:31 I think this time it was worse because I walked a little. Now, I feel ashamed of this.
october 14 Negishi 2 20:23 This was an improvement which made me feel great.
november 2 Negishi 2 19:38 I was really really shocked. this was a new personal best. My goal changed to beat 18 minutes.
november 10 Negishi 2 21:46 This became a new personal worst. I felt awful.
Cross Country Day Negishi 2 18:35 I think I made a new personal best. My chest started to hurt a lot. I did not like the “chest aching” part because it was uncomfortable.
During the runs, I almost always felt grumpy and pessimistic. For some unknown reason, the only way to make me even want to run was to persuade myself with penguins. I like penguins. After the run, I felt sort of stressed out to remember my time.
Outcome Goal: My final outcome goal was to beat 18 minutes
Process Goal: My Process goal was Not to walk

I think my score should be: 4/8
The PE teachers say my score should be 2/8

planning a blog reflection

Today I adapted my blog theme. the header and background WILL change (I know it looks weird. I need to change it). In class, we have been learning how to make a blog “grow” (which basically means how we can make sort of good blogs) with the How to grow a blog worksheet. So far, we have made blog designs, and completed rubrics. I am pretty sure that this is the final assessment for this task.

This blog theme meets my needs for my creeper/penguin/squid blog design because of the changeable header/background (please see this blog post for more info. I also think that this blog theme is useful due to the fact that it is easy to navigate through the pages. I also like the way the title looks too. I don’t know why.

Unfortunately,  I need to learn how to use photoshop to make my header. Or, alternatively, I could draw my design on paper and scanning it and then making a screenshot of it and uploading it.  I plan to learn how to use photoshop with a book called “Photoshop elements 6 for mac”. I also need to locate my dad’s scanner. It has gone AWOL (I know. Losing a glove without noticing is bad enough but Losing a scanner is a lot more embarrasing).

I think my blog will probably grow. I think my blog needs some work on some of the “icing” as Mr. Tracy puts it. I really think I will absolutely Never upload something without a teacher saying it is appropriate. I will try my best to make a good blog by doing what I have written. Please look at my blog in a couple of weeks to see the difference.



Art unit 1 reflection

what the portraits were based on
My second self-portrait
My first self-portrait








During the course of this unit we focused on realistic portraits which utilized gradation and shading which made it look 3D. I progressed a lot during the unit (which is evidently shown above), but I have not progressed with the contour drawings (which I have not uploaded due to the fact that they are really embarassing). my weaknesses are the eyes and mouth. I find the eyes hard to do because of the large amount of detail. The same goes for the mouth. I found the nose very easy. It is easy because of the shading. For an unknown reason I find shading and noses easy. I also found the dark parts hard because I could not put enough pressure on the pencil.


PE cross country day

Today almost everyone ran on cross country day. My place was 46th. I think it was about the same as the last time I did cross country which was 48th and there were more people. I think I will try to do the cross country next year in 18 minutes. Strangely, my chest started to hurt about 3/4 of the way through the run. It felt like my chest was in a hydraulic press during the run. I wonder what it was.

Japanese Field studies day one reflection

はじめの比に五時に起きました。朝ご飯を食べたら、もとまちちゅかがい液を問うてYISのところに行きました。バスは三回止まりました。ゼリックはスターバックスのコーヒーを買って、 そしてバスの中に落とした。げろみたいだった。ぼくの昼ご飯はベーコンサンドウイッチでした。一時頃にエバーグリーンにつきました。エバーグリーンで、昼ご飯を食べてない人が昼ご飯を食べました。そして、テントを作りました。輪一つ目のテントは一番大きいテントでした。壊れていた。二つ目のテントは小さいでした。そして、オリエンティエリングをやりました。三時間の中にいっぱい歩きました。これは大きいスキャバンジャーハントみたいでした。さんじかんのあとにタイラーとUNOを遊びました。そして、人がよるご飯をつくってたときで、みんなが遊びました。夜ご飯はチリでした。白馬はとっても寒いです。夜ご飯の後にやったことを本の中に書きました。そのあとにマシュマロローストをしました。キャムプファイアーで三つのうたをうたいました。ひとつめは”Banana Song”でした。ふたつめは”potato song”でした。三つ目は”Whooping-cok”でした。これのあとマシュマロを焼きました。これの後にテントで寝た。

When I was caring during field studies

During field studies I was caring when Kosuke was crying and my group (Ian and Tyler) allowed him to  join our room group. I also shared snacks when we got slightly hungry. We all contributed. As said during the “principled” post I forgave Ian and Kosuke after the Canoe incident. I do not want to discuss the incident.