merry christmas

Merry Cristmas everyone! I hope you are having a lot of fun. If you are currently in the process of attempting to get another christmas present, I have a good book to recommend. it is called “The Winston Effect: the art and history of Stan Winston Studio”. It tells you practically everything to do with Alien, Terminator, and a lot more movies made by stan winston studios. I would recommend this to anyone who likes T-100s and strange monsters. I hope you like it.

Blog Evaluate reflection

I have reached my last blog reflection.  Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the last blog reflection of this unit! Please enjoy this refection. I have spent approximately 1 period of school on this. This is a very interesting reflection.

I am sort of happy with my project (also known as my blog) Because I think that it is interesting. I would change all of my reflections so that they look more meaningful. I also want to write more on my reflections too. I think that you need lots of information to draw people into my blog.

The technology design cycle helped me organize my work on my project. It organises things by making me think things out and do it in a set sequence which is very well organized. One can easily use this to organize anything to do with blogs.

I can use these skills during work to advertise and tell people about my future job and persuade people to join up. Or, I could advertise (if I were a teacher) about the school I work at. Basically, I would use my blog as a advertisement system for my job. This would be a very useful use of a blog.

That was my reflection. I hope you enjoyed reading it. It was very interesting for me to write! I enjoyed writing a lot of it. Please subscribe to this blog so that you can get more posts like this.

Blog Create reflection

I am not so happy with my blog theme. I want to make my blog look more Interesting. Basically, I want to make the header and theme of the blog look more interesting. It needs to be interesting to attract more people.

To be honest, I am proud of the “clustrmap” I installed on the text widget. I think it looks interesting and I can see who is looking at my blog. That is a good thing too.

I need to learn to write blog post more frequently. I keep forgetting to update my blog. When I forget, the blog becomes boring because of the lack of new information on the blog. New information is required to draw people into my blog.

Drama talk 1 reflection

6C Justin Talk 1 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.

I am pretty sure that my voice was not loud or projected enough, but I am sure that most of the stuff in my speech was interesting and had important information in it. I am pretty sure I had to look at my notecards far too much. Unfortunately, I have a lot of trouble memorizing things like speeches. I have to rely on notecards a lot. I heard I had almost everything right other than projection of my voice. I need to work on that. I know that I should work on not looking at notecards every 3 seconds.