Teachers of the future investigate reflection

recently, in tech class, we have been researching several different blogs made by students. we all looked at 2 blogs. All of the blogs we looked at were made by YIS 6th graders. most of the blogs I looked at were blogs of people I know. The first blog I looked at was Connor’s blog. I then looked at Elina’s blog. Both were very interesting.

Basically, with these tutorials, I learned how to draw a pig from angry birds, which looks like the ones from the game. I also learned how to use applescript (even though I do not know what applescript is). Unfortunately, I cannot use this in daily life. When could I put “do you want me to draw an angry bird pig?” in a conversation?

When I researched tutorials, I discovered that  a good tutorial needs some very important things: Subtitles, good focusing, and a clear voice. without these things, it becomes harder to understand what is going on. If you don’t understand, the tutorial becomes useless.

I think I need to learn how to explain with more detail and to learn how to make a video of a screen. I am planning to either make an minecraft tutorial or an sketchup tutorial. both are interesting and I know how to use both quite well. However, I think I will use sketchup because it is not a game.

So this is my reflection. I hope you like it, and there might be more coming. I might include a special tutorial video. good luck.

My favorite YouTube tutorial

I think my favorite tutorial is this one. it is about one of my hobbies, and it has some humor included as well. In class, we have been studying tutorials with a template. My version of this with tutorials added was homework. it took 2-3 days to complete. I think that all the others were a little unemotional and one did not speak at all! this was the only one to express humor. I found the “monsters coming out to eat me” part scary but I think that this was quite interesting. I also like this because this was the first minecraft tutorial I ever saw. I have some sentimental attachments to things like that. I find this tutorial to be very useful, even though it  is outdated. right now it is minecraft v1.1 full release. he  made the turorial for minecraft Alpha v1.2.6, which was quite interesting, due to the fact that it works with 1.1.

3 things I am proud of from last semester and a goal

Last semester, 1 of the 3 things I am proud is the fact that I have sucsessfully made an outstanding 216 google documents on my school account. I am also proud of the slightly more interesting fact that I have made a slightly better time and place in the PE cross country race. I have also discovered that I am proud of the fact that I also have (probably) mastered mac OS X Snow Leopard. I think The lion software is not that great. My goal is to try and understand Javascript and HTML by next year. I think I can manage it.

First day back at Aikido

Today I went back to Aikido class. It has been a 1-month gap between my last class due to aikikai* customs. I usually practice in the aikikai hombu dojo. It is located in higashi-shinjuku which means east-shinjuku in tokyo. merely a 1 hour and 15 minutes train trip involving 2 trains: 1from Motomachi-chyukagai to Shibuya station on the minatomirai line and one from Shibuya station to higashi-shinjuku on the Fukutoshin line. after that, it is a small walk to the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, where you pay a monthly fee and get taught how to throw people around when they attack. it is actually quite fun. you get to learn how to fall over with minimal injury. On average, I fall over in aikido class during practice 15 times a minute.




this is hombu dojo





*the aikikai is an Aikido group. it’s main base is the aikikai hombu dojo, which the main dojo for Aikido.

Dissection of flower


today my science class dissected some flowers. this is what my group ended up with… I wonder if we should have not dissected 50% of all stamen to look at pollen.







Stamen: the male sex organ of plants, made out of 1 anther and 1 filament. There are at least 5 stamens per flower. bees collect pollen from this


carpel: the female sex organ of plants

pollen: male sex cell

of plants. It is shown here and it is magnified by a hundred times.

ovule: un-firtilized                                                                                                                seed. They are located in the carpel.

seed: firtilized seed.



sources: brainpop and Ms. Leatham and the science book

japanese winter essay

ぼくの冬休みの時に初島にいきました。初島は熱海の近くにあります。初島葉キャムプ上です。初島の夜はとっても怖いです。そして、初島でさるとびということをした。これはとっても楽しかったです。クリスマスりすますのときにZガンダムのプラモデルをつくりました。そして、ぼくのとまだ地とゲームをしました。そしてぼくはガンダムのザクのプラモデルを作りました。そして、このプラモデルをなくした。クリスマスのときに Ipod touchを買いました。これでポケットフロッグというアップで遊びました。これはたのしいです。ぼくのipod touchは8ギガバイトのメモリがある。そして、なくしたプラモデルを見つけた。この冬休みはたのしかったです。

Drama person reflection

Today (a few days ago, by the time this is fully updated) I make a speech about my uncle marcus. He is very interesting. He often says “Guys…” when he tells people off. I am pretty sure I did the speech a little overtime. I think the content was probably relevant, yet slightly boring. I know for certain that my projection was awful. I also did not have much eye contact. I also think my facial expressions were a little unemotional. I was also a little focused on other things like “does this speech sound stupid or does it sound normal?” to be focused on the speech

Here is the video so you can have fun critisizing and complaining about my speech:

6C Justin Talk 2 from YIS Academics on Vimeo.