plan reflection

Recently, in class, we have been planning a tutorial. there is a possible chance you have seen one on a media broadcast site called youtube. there are many different types of tutorial. we have been making a story board for the tutorial. This storyboard is composed of 6 scenes and we have included scripts in it. we have also constructed a plan template and an “how to use i movie” doc for beginners.

In my tutorial storyboard, I think my tutorial title is good. it clearly simply explains the topic. my topic is on how to make an house on sketchup and my title is “how to make an structure on google sketchup 8”. as you can see, the title contains the main idea. The tutorial is also simple, as in the way that i spread 12 steps out into 6 clips instead of, for example, 12 steps in 1. I think the title is important because no one wants to click on a video saying “how to play the koto” and get something different like a disgusting scene from “Alien”. the title needs to be relevant and descriptive. I also have subtitles for the hearing impared. I just liked the idea. also, all of the major movies are doing it, and it assists understanding of the topic for people who can hear, and assists those who are not native speakers of english.

to make sure the viewer understands, I also put detailed warnings to make sure they don’t get confused or discouraged and say things like “I can’t do this! who does he think I am, the guy who makes all of those towers on 3d warehouse? I HATE THIS!” and delete the video. this is the exact opposite of what I want to happen. My warnings indicate that it may take a long time. they also indicate that it may take more than 20 attempts. I also made simple instructions. the simple instructions are in case the viewer is a little young or inexperienced.  I also added subtitles for the same reason.

To make this tutorial, I need to know some things. First, I need to know how to import video from quicktime. I also need to know how to import media from garageband. I need to know those because  I have music in garageband I want to put in and All of my filming will be on quicktime.  I know these are nessecary because there would be no tutorial without these things.

I think that I did the practice tutorial well, and I did not do the storyboard well because I forgot to insert pictures. I also forgot to insert the script. I got in a huge amount of trouble because of that. A large amount of people in class got in trouble too. I enjoyed making the “how to use i movie” tutorial because i got to experiment and make “moose” subtitles. things like “welcome to moose tv” and “a moose once bit my sister”. i got this idea from “monty python and the holy grail” beginning subtitles about swedish moose.

Our rather large tower

AIM: To make the highest tower possible out of 20 straws and 60 cm of tape. The tower should be able to be able to support a mass of 20g.









One of the things which was bad about our tower was that it kept falling over. However, a good part was that the triangles in the structure prevented it from crushing itself. It held 70 grams before collapsing. It collapsed at 80 grams.

Next time, I would use less tape and not waist the tape on “structural supports” which were my idea which did not work. that is about it. We should also not put a large and heavy structure on the top. even though it is stable.

a rather short explanation of… Guy Fawkes Night!!!

ぼくの国のまつりは Guy Fawkes Night です。Guy Fawkes Night はイギリスの1605年からのまつりです。Guy Fawkes Night のときに、Guy Fawkes のおもちゃをやきます。そして、はなびをして、花火を使います。Guy Fawkes Night のはじまりは Guy Fawkes というひとがイギリスの”パーラメント”をばくはつのプランはのプランはできなっかったからはじまりました。いまでもこのまつりがあります。Guy Fawkes のにんぎょうもやきます。このにんぎょうも焼きます。これは1605ねんからやっています。これはとってもたのしいいです。Guy Fawkes Night は5、11にちです。