Technology Create reflection


Recently in school, as you probably know, we have been making a tutorial. We have been constructing a tutorial and now, we are reflecting on it, as usual.  If you look down in this blog, you shall see a video called “tutorial”. This is what I am reflecting on.

As I made my tutorial, I learned that I had to make a tutorial descriptive, and that I had to make it simple, so that people can understand just by listening. But since it is visual, I did not have to put in everything in words. I also needed a clear voice, and one which was loud too. I also needed to have a tone of voice which seems interesting so people will listen to my tutorial. I also learned that the tutorial had to be interesting or no one will watch it.

I am not happy with my tutorial because it is ten minutes long. I was only supposed to do five at maximum. I also think this made some particular people not want to watch it. I think to counter this I need to make it shorter and more compact.

I think that this tutorial was hard to make because I could not compress it beyond  1o minutes.  It would have helped if i could make a “part 1” and a “part 2”. I also thought that filming was hard since I kept finding errors in my script and had to edit. I also had to do the same with the storyboard after I forgot to put in illustrations. I should have concentrated on the preparations more.

Out of the 6c tutorial criteria, I think I completed the criteria “not distracting” because the tutorial is 100% not distracting because I do not have background audio and I also do not have anything which may distract someone. I also found out that I also did the criteria “focus” because Most of the tutorial was in focus.

To make even better tutorials, I need to make them shorter, with the same amount of detail. I also need to edit a bit better because where ever there is a mistake, I deleted it, and there is now a bit of “jerky video” where i deleted it.

Recently, we have been commenting on each others tutorials and I commented on Elina’s  and Peter’s .from  Peter’s i learned that you need to have a clear voice and that the tutorial content needs to be relevant to your title. from Elina’s I learned that the tutorial needs “icing” as well as “cake”.

From this unit, I found out how to make one of the many tutorials which can be found on YouTube. This is a bit on the way of being a world-famous documentary creator. this is my backup job idea if I cannot be a humanities teacher. I also think that editing the tutorial was the fun part of this project. this part is fun because you can edit it in fun ways such as putting in comic “BEEEP”s and other noises for fun, and some comic wording.

Humanities Different culture project

I watched a video in Humanities called “Rattlesnake Roundup” which is about a rattlesnake roundup. I think that this practice has not spread around the world is because Rattlesnakes do not live world wide, and this practice is generally considered inhumane, especcially where they capture thousands of snakes and kill them all. I personally think that this practice is wrong. I think that capturing snakes and removing their venom, then just killing them and gutting them is barbaric. The venom is techically useless because of the fact that it is not milked in a sterile environment.  I would definately not do this, mainly because I like reptiles and amphibians.

My spring break (in japanese)

ぼくの春休みに、「ハーロ』と言うゲームのメーンキヤラクターを紙で作りました。そして「ヒューゴ」という映画を見た。これはおもしろかったです。そして、「スターウオーズ3D」をみた。でも、3Dはみたいじゃなかった。そして根岸公園で花見しました。根岸公園でナーフウオーしました。どようびに合気道しました。1時間ぐらいやりました。合気道はとっても楽しいです。でも、ちょっといたいです。にちようびに、「NOVA 2」というゲームをダウンロードしました。でも、これはアイパッド用のゲームから、ぼくのアイポッドにいられなかった。でも、ぼくの母のアイパッドに入れられた。このアップはとってもたのしいです。