Humanities challenge

In Humanities class, we have made a challenge for everyone in the class. it is about who can explain the following things: what is humanities, what were the most important things learned this year, what were the most interesting things learned this year, and what content we want included next year.

Humanities is a very complex subject. it is basically the study oh human beings. it is also composed of other things such as geography and history. it involves research on psychology, sociology, government, and many other things. this also is used in the study of human beings

The most important thing I learned this year was in the unit on the evolution of homo sapiens. I thought it was most important because It told us where we came from and which species our original great-great-great-times-seven-million-great grandparents would be from. It was also important to me because I find evolution very interesting.

The most interesting thing this year for me was the unit on the evolution of man. I am interested by natural history, yet I cannot stand dead things. The evolution of homo sapiens has intrigued me for years. I am amazed by the fact that we were originally apes like monkeys. I find the way we changed over several thousand of years amazing, because I am very interested in evolution, because I really want to know how we became so advanced and how psychology has something to do with it. I have a nagging suspicion that psychology helped us to advance throughout history.

I strongly believe that we really need to include some more lessons about psychology and human behavior, mainly because it is very interesting, since it explains about how we do things and why. It would aid us if we wanted to psychologists, and if we studied memory, we could use what we learned to learn better.

PE Gymnastics project

In PE, We have been doing a gymnastics unit based on floor sequences. We had to choose groups of 4 or 5 to participate in a floor sequence. In our performance (unfortunately I was sick on that day), we used: Cartwheels, Forward rolls, Backward rolls, 2 different partner balances which include spotting, doing a “360” on the vault (Jumping on top and spinning 360 degrees around while you jump off), doing a “180” on the vault (same as 360 but with 180 degrees instead), and rolling on the vault. I think that most of our movements were sequenced, yet flowed slightly. Personally, the skill I found most challenging was learning the cartwheel. It was rather hard since Daiki was the only person in the group who knew how to do a cartwheel, no-one in my family has ever done a cartwheel, and that  I kept doing a roll by accident when I do one. I overcame this challenge by practicing a lot. which is how I try to overcome a lot of problems. The skill I found most enjoyable was rolling over the vault. During practice sessions, we were productive at times, yet at other times we were unproductive, since we were arguing a lot. However, we did manage to improve our performance. If I could change my performance, I would make sure that everyone knew what they were doing beforehand