My grade 7 goals

In Grade 7 tutor class we have been making our goals. We were originally supposed to do 1 personal goal and 1  for school, but I got a little carried away. I did 2 each. I believe they are supposed to be  “S.M.A.R.T. Goals” which means that they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. I think I did all of that. My goals are to: get better handwriting, to organise my locker, to learn how to play the flute, and learn how to use computer animation. I am planning to do all but the one about the flute by the winter holiday. the flute one I am planning to do by the summer holiday. We also had to make a visionboard about our goals. My vision board is here:







in case you are wondering what the wire thingy is, it is a representation of a CG wireframe of a cat. I know it looks odd, but that was all I could think of.

Chapitre 4, Sports et Passe-temps

Mes réponses

1 tu as compris

we were to “Answer the following questions aboutEmilie’s letter to Leticia.”

the questions in this section are the following:

1. What is Emilie sending to Leticia along with her letter?
2. What are some of Emilie’s hobbies and pastimes?
3. What would she like to know about Leticia and San Diego?
4. What does Emilie tell Leticia about the city of Quebec?
5. What else have you learned about Emilie from her letter?

the answers are:

a videocassette, a couple of photos, and a brochure for mont Sainte-Anne.

She likes horse riding, tennis, skiing, and sport

what she likes, and what sports she can do in san diego

Emilie said that the syrup was like the regional food and that you can ski from november to april


2: C’est Emilie?

we were to “Tell whether Emilie would be likely or unlikely to say each of the statements below.”

  1. «J’adore faire du sport.»
  2. «Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ça.»
  3. «Pour moi, Québec, c’est barbant en hiver.»
  4. «Faire des films avec un caméscope, pour moi, c’est passionnant.»
  5. «Je regarde la télé en hiver quand il fait trop froid.»
  6. «La musique? Bof! Je n’aime pas beaucoup ça.»

the answers were:

Emilie is likely to say “J’adore faire du sport”
However, she is unlikely to say “Le ski? Ici on n’aime pas beaucoup ça”
she is also unlikely to say “Pour moi, Québec, c’est barbant en hiver.”
She is also likely to say “Faire des films avec un cam?scope, pour moi, c’est passionnant.”
she is also likely to say “Je regarde la télé en hiver quand il fait trop froid”
Yet she is unlikely to say “La musique? Bof! Je n’aime pas beaucoup ça”

3Cherche les expressions

in this section we were supposed to write what Emilie say to :

1. greet Leticia?
2. ask how Leticia is?
3. ask about the weather?
4. tell what she likes?
5. express her opinion about something?
6. inquire about California?
7. say goodbye?

the answers are:

to greet Leticia, Emilie said “Salut!”
when Emilie asked how leticia is, emilie said “Comment ça va?”
when emilie asked about the weather, she said “Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait?”
when Emilie wanted to talk about what she liked she said “J’aime…”
when she wanted to express her opinion she said “C’est Super”
when Emilie wanted to inquire about california, she asked “Et la Californie, c?est comment?”
when she wanted to say goodbye, she said “A très bientôt”



Les saisons et les sports

D’après la lettre d’Emilie, quels sports est-ce qu’elle fait? En quelle saison? Choisis des sports pour compléter ces phrases.

this basically asks you what emilie does in each season.

the answers are:

1 in spring Emilie rides horses
2 in winter, she skies
3in autumn she skates
4 in summer she hang-glides.



Et maintenant, à toi

Emilie fait beaucoup de choses! Tu fais les mêmes choses? Pour chaque activité, réponds Moi aussi ou Moi, non.

this basically means that if you do the same things as Emilie, you have to answer “Moi aussi” but if not, you have to write “moi non

for me, the answers are:

1 I do not ski , so Moi non
2 I also like to listen to music so Moi aussi
3 I do not like to make movies, so Moi non
4 I have absolutely no idea how to ride horses, so Moi non
5 I do that. Moi aussi
6 I do not know how to play tennis, so Moi non


My Coat of Arms

In humanities class, we have been making Coats of arms for ourselves. I completed mine very recently. This is my Coat of Arms:








For those not fluent in latin, “Cogito Ergo Sum” means “I think, Therefore I am” and “Esse Hic Draconum” means “here be dragons”. I put those in because it looked cooler that way.

My Learner Profile in French

In the past couple of days in French class, we have been discussing how the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile.  The IB learner profile is a system of expectations for the budding young IB student about their behavior. We have been writing on how we can live up to those expectations in French class, and how these goals work.

Investigateur: The investigateur learner profile is basically on how we investigate and inquire about things. In french class I think that I need to be an investigateur by researching topics in class along with finding out what new words I pick up in french class. I think that studying the online textbook counts in this profile

Informé et instruit: The informé et instruit profile is about knowledge in class. I strongly believe that when I am in class, or outside class, I need to find out a bit  about class, and come to class with the knowledge I shall need in class. I think that this is what informé et instruit means.

Un Penseur: This profile is mainly about thinking. I suspect that in class we must think about how to use grammar or conjugation in french, however much I find it confusing. I also suspect that we must also think about the new words in class so we can try and make an educated guess about it’s meaning.

Un Communicateur: I think that this is really important for me. In class I don’t communicate much but I think I need to communicate more.

Integrè: I think that this is important because that if we are principled we shall not get in trouble. I also want to not be in trouble so I shall do this.

Ouvert D’esprit:  I think that this one is one of the most important profiles in french class, since if we are open-minded or ouvert d’esprit, we can probably accept ideas which in france are perfectly normal yet outstandingly different to us. I intend to do that

Altuistes:this one is important because if we were not kind to each other there would probably be chaos in the class. I plan not to be the course of the chaos. I also think that because that others are different is no excuse for bullying.

Audacieux:   if one is an risk-taker, or an audacious person, they do things without worrying about mistakes when they do things, for example someone wants to make their french blog post better so they write new french words. I want to do that

Équilibrés: If one wants to be balanced they often have to not only study in a day, but play too, in an equal way. I think that I am usually equal in my playtime and my work time, but I want to make it more frequently.

Réfléchis:  if I am reflective, I think that I reflect on past experiences to learn on them. To be honest, I have no Idea what how I can be reflective in french class, so I shall be trying to think up a way to do so.