In drama class, we have been focusing on mime.

In the mime Me and Tyler did, we were coming back from school, and the door was locked, and we had to find a way in. For our’s we could not decide how to actually enter, and we came up with 3 ideas: 1 tyler throws rocks at the door and it breaks and we get in, 2 we utilize a crowbar in a garden shed to leverit open, and finally, we use the cat door. we chose the last one.

In the mime, we were sort of okay with the opening door, yet I think we may have done either the “ghost door” or the “wrenched doorknob” mistake. I also think I made the cat door too small for tyler to go through, and I also wrenched the doorknob. most of it did not seem real from my point of view.

With the mime skills I am learning, I think I would be able to be an better actor since I would need total control of my body, and if I can accomplish that, I can become a good actor.


Food Experiment

Recently, in science class, we have been doing experiments on foods. I chose a tesco ginger nut biscuit. We had to test our food in different tests which utilize benedicts solution, biuret solutions A and B, Iodine, and filter paper. on average, I spent about 5-7 hours total on this project. our tests were to find out wether a food contained Starch, Glucose, Protein, and Fat, the most important nutrients we need. Well, Ice Cream is valued nutrient 5, but that is not included in the test. In these experiments, we learned many things about digestion:

1. we learned that the human digestive system digests glucose the most quickly.

2. we learned that fats contain more energy than any other type of nutrient.

3. we learned that without any of the vital nutrients, we die

I am proud of my “food-write-up sheet” because I filled in all of the data which was needed. If i could do this assessment again, I would choose an food which is not orange, since that may have changed a couple of tests.