Technology Digital Story Reflection

In Tech class, we have been working on our Digital Stories. We have used the MYP design cycle to help us create our digital stories. the design cycle involves the Investigate stage, the plan stage, the Create stage, and the evaluate stage. so far, we have reached the evaluate stage.
In the Investigate stage, we tried to find out what a digital story was. We did this by looking at a few digital stories, such as one about the how the arts are the first to lose funding, which Mr. C made. We also looked at possible tools to use, such as powerpoint. I looked at Blender, an animation software which is industrial-grade (apparently) but really hard to use. I ended up using this for my story, but I shall cover that later.
When we initiated the Plan stage, we basically just planned out our Digital Stories. They were all supposed to be non-violent, yet some were slightly violent (mine). I had several plans, and I planned to make them all with blender. My original Blender plans involved Giant robot surrendering to Little robot and Blobs VS. Blobs, and ULTIMATE CONFLICT: NON-VIOLENT EDITION. You can guess I chose ULTIMATE CONFLICT. Next time, I would plan to make something easier.
Wen we started the Create stage, I had high hopes. All of my blender-tests worked out perfectly and i was certain that nothing would go wrong. Unfortunately, they did go wrong. My original animation spazzed out, the robots refused to not leave parts behind when I moved them, and the camera glitched out. I had to start over 7 times, and the rendering failed 3 times. on the plus side, at least at the end of it all, you got this marvellous animation. This animation is the product of several pieces of software: Blender, Quicktime, Garageband, iMovie, Google sketch up, and Youtube. I used Google Sketchup to make the Models, Blender to animate, Garageband for the voices, Quicktime to film since rendering failed miserably, iMovie to edit and add the voices from garageband/iTunes to the video which was exported from quicktime, and YouTube, to present this to the world. Since it kept going wrong at the last moment, I spent up to 1:00 AM working on this. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE BLENDER! at the very least, you will need the tutorials on the internet to actually find out how to use it. If I could do this again, I would not use blender.
My conclusion: This was very hard to do, but in the end, it was fun. sort of. If I could do this entire project again, I would do more research on the tool I was planning to do, and probably not use blender this time. Then again, I could Just use blender in a better way. I think that this project turned out better than I expected 5 days ago. This project was extremely difficult for me, both mental and digital. I believe I considered killing my computer 893923 times by the time I finished the project.

Field Studies Journal

My own progress during this unit was somewhat substantial since my artistic skills improved when it came to watercolor painting. My painting looked somewhat… realistic compared to my other paintings at home. I also learned new ways to draw, and i liked them. I personally like “Drawing by Slowing Down”
Some weaknesses of my art are that I cannot do many of the line drawing techniques to add texture.i can only do cross-hatching. I also find doing shading on paintings intolerably hard. Another weakness is that I have discovered that my poetry skills are awful. this is especially awful if you are reading my journal.
some strengths are that while i cannot do line drawing textures other than cross-hatching, I can do Cross-hatching pretty well. I can also do watercolor painting well. I think i can do it well because the painting looks relatively realistic enough to fool me at 10 meters. then again, my left eye can barely see 1 meter away without everything going blurry.
I think that I am sort of good at journalling, and out of 8, i think i would get a 4 or 5. I believe so because I am not good at some parts of journalling, but am good at others.


Science powerpoint

Unfortunately, I cannot find out how to embed the google presentation to this doc, so we linked it, and put it up as a link to a gdoc. DO NOT REPUBLISH! OR I SHALL SUE YOU! I MEAN IT!

Recently, we have managed to dissect a pig heat so we can find out how it works. this is a presentation on how the heart works!