Chemistry Questions For Science Class About Atoms and stuff like Molecules and Compounds

In class we had to answer the questions below. My answers are added too. Please don’t copy.

Question 1. What is an atom? Describe the different parts and state where they can be found in an atom. Answer here: an at0m is the smallest thing possible which you can see under a microscope.

Question 2. What is an element? Give three examples of an element and give a use in the real world for each of these elements. Answer Here: an element is a substance which contains only one kind of atom. Elements cannot be broken down into simpler substances in a laboratory.

Example 1:Oxygen. this is also called air. we need this to breath

Example 2:Gold. we use this for making electronics and jewelry

Example 3:Carbon. we use these for pencils, diamonds and other stuff.

Question 3. What is a molecule? Give three examples of a molecule and give a use in the real world for each of these elements. Answer Here: a molecule is a group of two or more atoms bonded together, yet there can be two or more of the same type, such as H2O.

Example 1:water. we need this to keep hydrated, so we drink it.

Example 2: Aspirin. these are painkillers commonly used when you get a headache.

Example 3: Salt. we put these on potato crisps which we eat.

Question 4: What is a compound? Give three examples of a compound and give an use for each one. Answer Here: A compound is a mixture of two or more atoms which are not the same.

Example 1:water. we drink it

Example 2:aspirin. we use these to halt the symptoms of headaches slightly

Example 3:salt. making  potato crisps and ketchup taste better

Question 4: What is a physical change? Give an example. Answer Here: a physical change is a change in state for a substance.

Example: Water to Ice.

 Question 5: What is a chemical change? Give a few different examples. Answer Here: a chemical change occurs when a new chemical or substance is formed.

Example: Magnesium+Hydrochloric Acid= Hydrogen+ Magnesium Chloride

Example :   Hydrogen+Oxygen+Hydrogen= Water