Town through Time



This is my humanities project. We had to draw the changes in a fictional city before and after the industrial revolution. It was interesting because of the changes which we found. I hope people who have to do the same project don’t “borrow” this project for their own use, because If they did, I would sue them for something to do with copyright.

Science interesting work

The project which I am most proud of this year is my essay on Alzheimer’s disease. I chose my essay  because I am rather proud of it, sinceI did a large amount of research on Alzheimer’s disease, and I think I got a fair bit of interesting data about this disease, which we know very little about. For this project I got a 7 out of 8, which is actually very good. A 7 or an 8 is similar to an A in other schools. This is the link to the essay. I am very proud of it, and this essay is the one I have chosen to show my family for the student-led conferences.

sportsmanship in videos

In class, we have been tasked with finding a video about sportsmanship on the internet and write about it.  The sportsmanship video which I chose was Perfect Sportsmanship which is about the baseball match where how the umpire made a mistake which ruined the. I think that the umpire, and the pitcher who had every reason to start screaming and trying to kill someone were the very image of sportsmanship when they apologized and comforted each other. I think that the reason I think that they are the very image of sportsmanship when they were gracious to each other, even though one had accidentally done something bad to another. The video, if one chooses not to click the link above is below.


I hope you like it.